Christmas Romp: Longtime Tree Sellers Return To Brooklyn Heights

As much as Christmas trees are a seasonal tradition, so is the presence of Patti Romp and her son Tim in front of Key Food at 102 Montague Street. The Middlebury, Vermont-based pair has been selling trees in Brooklyn Heights for years, and have become such a part of the neighborhood that BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld interviewed them exactly one year ago here. In addition, the Romps have fostered such acclaim for their goods that The New York Times profiled the family here.

When she’s not selling trees, Patti is a fulltime Massage Therapist at the Salisbury Station Wellness Center in Middlebury. (Photos: CT)

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  • Gerry

    We love Chrstmas here in Brooklyn Heights and for years bought trees in the neighborhood.

    In recent years I have ordered huge tall trees from Jones Tree Farm, Shelton, CT. that stays fresh through New Years Eve they offer a great product.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Also in BH…Adam Parke with beautiful fresh trees from Vermont — corner of Montague and Clinton St

  • WillowNabe

    Your response would have been relevant if it had been in any way related to the article about the Romps.
    They are very special people and I for one am happy to see them here in the neighborhood. Your money would be better spent here in the neighborhood that you profess to love rather than buying from someone in another state.

  • Lori

    WillowNabe – PATTI ROMP is from another state.

  • David on Middagh

    Lori, presumably, the Romps buy food locally with some of their revenue.

    Nice to see them back again.

  • johnston

    The gentleman on Court Street sells a bit of a broader array of wares, include something of a an “herbal” variety.

  • Gerry

    @ Lori – thank you for pointing that out Patti Romp is from another state and I doubt the dollars she makes flow back into this neighborhood.

    @ Willownabe – for years we had bought a tree at Clinton & Atlantic recently buying a HUGE tree that can not be bought here on the street we have 19 foot ceilings the parlor floor of a brownstone we want a tree to reach that high 18 feet and so I went to Jones Tree Farm, Shelton, Ct. have it delivered next week.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Gerry is that brownstone on Montague Terrace by any chance?

  • Phil Mahnken

    Not from our state!! Quelle horreur! Tribalism writ small.

  • Claude Scales

    We consider the Romps neighbors during their annual visits here. So, I’m not quite neutral on this point. And, yes, they do spend money in the neighborhood.

  • Gerry

    @ Claude, Please tell us where do the Romps spend money here?

    Is it a sandwich for lunch or do they buy ALL of the things to run a household and keep a family going?

    Do they go out to eat at Heights Cafe, Teresas, etc.?

    Where do the Romps shop and what do they buy?

    BTW often we drive out to Manhasset to go shopping because the retail here in Brooklyn Heights is lacking.

  • Hello Brooklyn

    Peas and Pickles has the best deal in the hood on trees if you need 7 feet or below: $50.

  • Claude Scales

    They do buy things in the neighborhood. I can’t give you a detailed shopping list. They also pay local people to help with cutting, wrapping, and delivery.

    These are good people, and I like them. You may respond with whatever brickbats you wish to hurl, but I’ve said what I have to say.

  • romps on montague

    Hi We love coming to Brooklyn Heights for our month of selling Christmas Trees! It feels like coming home for Christmas with the warm & loving welcome we get. We do not eat out much in Vermont so its a real treat to frequent the wonderful eateries in this neighborhood! So far we have patronized Theresa’s, Andy’s, The Lantern, Hot Bagels, Lassen & Hennings, Conneticut Muffin, Crumbs, Starbucks, Monty’s and the Grand Canyon. We look forward to trying more new places this season and bringing our out of town company to dinner/lunch when they visit! We buy our basic supplies from key food & the corner deli daily. We use the local wash & fold chinese laundry weekly and I participate in the local yoga club 3 times a week! I receive massage once a week. W,e get our leather boots oiled and treated here yearly! We frequent the local hardware store for our shop needs ie. nails, plastic,brooms etc and buy a radio/ cd player and christmas cds new every season from a local Brooklyn store. The weather kills them each season. We always pick up a new electric heater for our camper and do our flyers and business cards and copies at the local UPS store. We patronize Sammy’s pet store for our pet needs & also for doggie treats that we give out to the local pooches that visit our tree stand! I also do most of my Christmas shopping here. I love the local thrift store on Montague and the womens craft store on Pierpont!! We give back to the community as we can and for the past two years have driven down to the Brooklyn New Schools Applefest celebration in the Fall with our horses in tow to give Pony rides to the kids. We also donate 10 % of Brooklyn New school patron tree sales back to the school! The thing we do most here is give out smiles and good cheer on a daily basis just because we can. We are grateful and feel .very blessed to share this wonderful neighborhood with both the new residents and the long time locals

  • Cathy

    Patty you forgot to say that you can make a mean drink in your trailor. You are a wonderful person and should not have to defend yourself.

  • Mr. Crusty

    I would venture to say that the Romps are better supporters of the Heights than that cranky old guy that does his shopping in Manhasset and who does nothing but criticize and complain.

    Pay him no mind Patty, he is the Brooklyn Heights equivalent of the village idiot who’s rantings everyone pretty much ignores.

  • Nancy

    Well I don’t even celebrate Christmas and I love seeing the Romps and their dogs every year!

  • Winston Smith

    So Gerry, how does your foot taste?

  • shamrock

    Welcome back to the Romps. Glad to have you. You’re probably better supporters of the neighborhood than most. Grateful for your cheerful attitude, too.

  • Boerum Bill

    Gerry’s going to be visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, I believe.

  • Gerry

    Ms. Romps needs to work at brevity.

    I asked a simple question “‘where do the Romps spend money?” and then ALL of this nonsense comes from freaks who blogg here .

    @ Cathy those drinks that Ms Romps makes in her trailer could be bought in a local bar helping the owner pay bills, tips for a bartender, etc.

    And we will contune to buy our tree in Shelton, Ct. , shop in Manhasset when needed, live well in Brooklyn Heights and care less about the negative comments on this blog.

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Gerry, “. . . those drinks that Ms Romps makes in her trailer could be bought in a local bar helping the owner pay bills, tips for a bartender, etc.”

    Gerry when I think you couldn’t possibly say anything more inane than what you have already said in the past, you manage to top yourself. You are truly special.

  • romps on montague

    Gerry, My spirits are purchased at the local liquoer store next to theresa’s. I don’t have much time to spend in bars but I always tip used to be a waitress. You can get a gorgeous 18 ft fraziur fir from the local tree vendor on 8th & Jane in the west village less than 4 miles from here and lessen your carbon footprint!!Merry Christmas…

  • DIBS

    Adam Parke advertises ORGANIC TREES. WTF is that all about??? Do any of you eat them?????

    This is typical of what’s wrong with brooklyn.

  • David on Middagh






    Organic tree farmers probably use non-petrochem fertilizer, or environmentally friendly pesticide, or eschew them altogether. I don’t know.

    I take all “organic” claims with a grain of salt, but isn’t the idea to farm well, not merely create a better-tasting vegetable?

  • Gerry

    @ Romps on Montague – I just bought a ton of booze from the same store we are having a big chrstmas party .

    I need to hire a bartender for the evening anyone know a good bartender?

    Thanks for the tip in the large tree but no thanks Jones Tree Farm, Shelton, Ct. will deliver my tree, put it in the stand so that all we need to do is the lights my children will decorate the tree.

  • Cranberry St Comment

    I live in Bklyn Heights (many years) and shop all over the world (internet) and in our hood, as i want to support the good shops of BH and Dumbo and CG.
    Shame on anyone criticizing the small businesswoman. She’s making an honest living and i’m happy they are here.

    Yeah for the Romps! i love the wreaths!