A Christmas (Tree) Story or a Tale of Two Romps

The New York Times profiles Christmas tree merchants Billy and Patti Romp.  The Vermont couple began a Christmas tree business years ago on Jane Street in Manhattan which has now grown to 8 other stands across New York City.   Now separated, Billy holds the fort down on Jane while Patti sets up shop on Montague Street:

New York Times:  No tears are necessary here. For the Romp separation has also meant rebirth.

It turns out Patti is now selling trees at Montague and Hicks Streets, in Brooklyn Heights. She sleeps in her own camper. Neighbors invite her to use their showers and bring her hot chocolate.

Meanwhile, Billy’s still going strong on Jane Street, assisted by their eldest son, Henry, 18, and their son-in-law, James Bishop, 24, a fence installer.

This expansion continues a Romp habit as a tree stand incubator. All told, the Jane Street business has multiplied into eight stands scattered across the city.

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