Subway Sandwiches Headed to 75 Atlantic Avenue

A banner is up at 75 Atlantic Avenue heralding the upcoming arrival of a Subway sandwich outlet. Earlier this year, the chain was thrown a high elbow by competitor Arby’s who attacked the chain for slicing its cold cuts in Iowa before shipping it out to stores.

On another note, we uncovered some “hidden history” of the address. In 1892, it was the home of one Edward Murphy a man who the New York Times reported was responsible for starting a minor riot between Irish and Italian dock workers at the old Woodruff Stores on Joralemon Street.

(Photo via Brownstoner)

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  • Knight

    You refer to Arby’s as Subway’s competitor. On a national basis perhaps they are, but where is the nearest Arby’s to Brooklyn Heights? I can think of at least a half dozen nearby Subway shops, including our friends on Montague Street, but don’t know of a single Arby’s in Brooklyn.

  • David on Middagh

    I thought there was an Arby’s on Court, but I thought wrong. It’s a combined KFC /Nathan’s /Pizza Hut. No Arby’s.

    (Search Google Maps for “kfc near Court Street, New York, NY”. Note that Google’s privacy algorithm has conscientiously blurred the Colonel’s face.)

  • Knight

    @David: I just looked at the “store locator” app on The closest Arby’s to my 11201 zip code is in Glendale, Queens. The second closest is in Rutherford, NJ. Alas there is no Brooklyn Arby’s Restaurant. Hmmm … do I detect a business opportunity?!

  • Wiley E.

    Don’t tell Regina Myer about the Arbys issue.

  • lori

    Homer and Chuck – Where do you find such interesting history of buildings you feature? I am trying to find the history of 55 Pierrepont Street (The Old Pierrepont Hotel) and when I google it, the only thing I get is a NYT article about when there were some unsavory characters inhabiting the place during the 1980s. I would really like some earlier history. Thanks.

  • James

    Just what the neighborhood needs – another chain food store. The “malling” of Brooklyn Heights continues…

  • Martha

    Lori, Not all history is available on Google. To find out what was at 55 Pierrepont ST requires some foot work . You can go to the Brooklyn Historical Society which has lovely old maps detailing how the neighborhood has changed building by building or you could go to visit the Brooklyn Collection at the Central Building of the Brooklyn Public Library. Maybe there is not one document that tells you what you want to know. You could go through the microfilm copies of the various daily newspapers and see what you can find. Then you can post it, and Google will make it available for the next person.

  • bhres

    @lori – try NYPL’s digital archives

  • Mr. Crusty

    If you don’t want to leave your computer, go to Google Books and type in “55 Pierrepont Street” in the search filed and you’ll find many references to that address some of them quite old. Google Books is a phenomenal resource.

  • adele

    for some reason I just can’t stand the smell of Subway – just walking by the store makes me feel queezy – what do they use in their dressing?

  • Boerum Bill

    Why can’t it be a Quiznos?!

  • HenryLoL

    Arby’s used to be over at the Fulton Mall — in the Gage & Tollner building. Recently closed.

    Subway is awful, cheap crap, that is not healthy at all. What a joke those absurd Jarod marketing campaigns. Shame.

  • bronxkid

    Another Subway store? One in the neighborhood was more than enough!

  • Matt

    Also of note, St. Marks Comics on Montague street is set to close on Nov. 30th. There are notes on the outside windows and on the door. I believe it said it was at that location for 24 years,

  • Andrew Porter

    Lori, do you have “Safe Search” turned on or off? I recommend turning it off.

    Until a few years ago, I could go into any Subway shop anywhere in the world and see 1930s subway maps for downtown Brooklyn and the Heights there on the walls. Made it much easier to explain to locals where I lived.

    Alas, they “upgraded” the corporate design and such is no longer the case.

  • Hicks on Hicks

    +1 on the subway stink.

  • j

    There’s something terribly disturbing about the mutated rat mascot that Arby’s has that makes me not want to eat there… ever.

  • j

    Sorry that’s Quiznos.

  • Bette

    oh that is such depressing news. I thought Atlantic Avenue might have a chance to be a cool food destination. Small shops, mom and pop chefs and bakers. Subways is the beginning of a march that will extend the Fulton Mall all the way down to Pier 6.

  • David on Middagh

    The bagel place has re-opened (Atlantic and Clinton St.), but the atmosphere isn’t quite the same.

    At least we have Module R, well worth visiting. The ad I’m looking at right above (gifts, housewares, toys–“Brooklyn’s answer the MoMA store”) does not lie.

  • Ming 001

    Chain retailers in BKH:
    DWR, Five Guys, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, UPS, Key Food, Urban Outfitters, Haagen Dazs, UA Cinemas, American Apparel, True Value Hardware, Chase Bank, TDBank, NY Sports Club, Citibank, Supercuts, Starbucks, Popeyes, McDonalds, etc…