A (Fortunate) Rude Awakening

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

The residents of 120 Montague Street were happier for having been awakened just after 1:00 this morning when the Fire Department responded to a report of a carbon monoxide alarm.  A quick check of the building showed that CO levels had reached exceedingly dangerous levels on the upper floors (over 400 ppm, at one point) and the decision was made to evacuate the building.

After gas to the building’s boiler and two hot water heaters was shut down, and the windows and doors opened, CO levels dropped back down, and residents were allowed to return.

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas with potentially fatal results in high concentrations.  CO detectors aren’t just a good idea, they’re the law.  Click here to learn more about Carbon Monoxide detectors from the city’s web site.

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