Montague Key Food Controversy to be Covered in Tomorrow’s Times

The City section of tomorrow’s (Sunday) New York Times will include an article by Greg Beyer on the controversy involving the treatment of popular Key Food employee Mamadou “Mohammed” Doucoure by the market’s owners.

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  • bornhere

    The story is now online at the Times Web site (with a stunningly interesting picture of Mohammed). The article seems tight and objective, in a super-dry NYT sort of way, so it is missing a lot of the emotion so many of us feel about this situation. If I were not concerned about this on a very human, and simply do-the-right-thing kind of way, I’m not sure the article would inspire outrage. Or action. It is noteworthy, I suppose, that the piece reveals that Palazio failed to return any of the 3 calls made by the NYT reporter. Either he is being very carefully advised by attorneys, or he’s simply who he seems to be. Or both. So … now what? (And great thanks to Bonnie for her commttiment to this.)

  • jd

    the link to the article

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Bonnie Burke

    Thanks, bornagain — you’ve been great! I just posted some developments under the next announcement about the article.
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  • Claude Scales

    Whoa, Bon! You just washed “bornhere” in the blood of the Lamb.

    Seriously, though, thanks for all you’ve done to mobilize the community on this issue.