Montague Street Walloped By Quick & Dirty Snowstorm

Who’d have believed that Hurricane Sandy would turn out to be the kinder, gentler storm—in Brooklyn Heights, mind you. Wednesday night’s sopping slushy snowstorm took down trees and major branches not only on Remsen, but all along Montague Street, from Hicks to Clinton streets. Heavy brush was also seen on Pierrepont early Friday.

Fortunately, as of 7 a.m., garbage trucks were circling the neighborhood like buzzards, picking up as much of the debris as they could munch down upon. All the same, some sad losses among our foliage that will require major mending in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, the mature fallen tree across Remsen Street is gone! More Montague pics below. (CT)

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  • stuart

    most of the big branches were from those awful pear trees. They just are bad trees. they look pretty for about four days in the spring but they have very soft wood and once they are mature, they just break.