After The Snowstorm: Remsen Street Completely Blocked By Downed Tree

While Brooklyn Heights suffered comparatively little damage following Hurricane Sandy, the weight of the wet, slushy snow from Wednesday’s snow took its toll. The huge mature tree that fell around 10 p.m. has completely blocked access on Remsen Street between Montague Terrace and Hicks Street. That’s for vehicles and pedestrians.

Three cars were impacted by the tree: The one closest to the downed trunk was apparently illegally parked (and seems to have suffered little to no damage), while one on the far side had its back windshield smashed.

As of 9 a.m. Thursday, no crews had yet come to start clearing the debris. The tree—which still had plenty of green leaves—was anchored against the edge of 33 Remsen Street; the building appears to be a-okay, although the scene where it uprooted is one dramatic eye-popping sight. More pics below.

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  • Jo Ann

    Since the tree originated from their property, I doubt Parks will remove it.

  • Tony

    Several huge branches came down on Remsen near Henry too, doing major damage to a few cars. One of them had its sky light smashed is now filled with shattered glass and snow.

  • grrlgenius

    Just walked by and grown adults are climbing on the tree instead of trying to walk around the short detour it would mean. One block up there are some more branches on two cars and it looks nasty. Guess Sandy was the set-up and Athena took it home.

  • Gerry

    @ tony – you mean a sun roof, or moon roof not a sky light.

  • Gerry

    @ JoAnne – As i undersatnd it the owner of the house will be billed by the City of New York the tree will be removed ASAP I think I hear the saws going right now

  • SPM

    A tree is also down on the sidewalk of Pierrepont close to Willow Street and I heard there was down on Montague’s sidewalk as well.

  • GHB

    Maybe Nanny Bloomberg will ban all trees over 25 feet tall

  • She’s Crafty

    I walked by with my son around 4:30pm. They were in the process of cutting up the tree to remove it. But, unbelievable site to see it felled like that. I just am not sure huge trees like that should be so close to houses!

  • Jorale-man

    Really sad. The big trees are much of what makes Brooklyn Heights a great neighborhood. I hope the homeowners take the initiative to plant replacements, even if they’re just a fraction of the size.

  • bronxkid

    Lots of damage to trees along Henry between Pierrepont & Clark Streets as well this morning.

  • Michael

    The root base of the tree looks very shallow. Probably couldn’t penetrate very deeply because of the underlying building structures.

  • Andrew Porter

    When I renewed my BHA membership, I included extra money for the BHA tree fund. We’re going to need to replace lots of trees here. They are one of the reasons this area is always a few degrees cooler than Manhattan is, as well as providing shade and habitat for birds, squirrels, raccoons, possums, small deer and bears…