Hey Man, Want a Parrot?

From BHB’s Norman Emailer comes this dispatch:

Your faithless correspondent has a baby African Grey parrot (seen here), for whom he is unable to provide sufficient love and care. The fellow is sweet-natured, quiet, and, given his age, likely possesses no long-term bad habits.

I simply want to find a good home for him.

If you’re interested, please contact me at misterbones at gmail.com.

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  • my2cents

    Maybe he can be taught to speak like Alex the parrot!
    I sure hope he finds a loving home.

  • Nancy

    These are the smartest parrots. They are smarter than dogs, they are smarter than cats, they are smarter than children (ok, not quite).
    If he’s young he will talk like there is no tomorrow. He will also imitate your phone or door buzzer perfectly. Just to keep you on your toes.

  • http://yahoo penny

    I’ll take him.

  • http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Bird_Breeder-Hobbyist Kathleen B. Heaton

    Parrots, like children, do not always reach their fullest potential. Most parrots can learn to speak; not all parrots will. Alex, product & namesake of the Avian Learning EXperiment, was an extraordinary creature. His teachers dedicated many hours to, and were focused on, his training. Their exceptional student rewarded their efforts with his many accomplishments. But parrots (again, like children) deserve to be loved for who they are, not for what they can – or might – do.

    This bird’s present owner acknowledges he is “unable to provide sufficient love and care” for the bird. I commend his selfless effort to locate a more suitable home for his pet. We must help this happen – not try to “guilt” him into keeping it.


    Houston TX

  • Kim

    I have a African Grey….I love her with all my heart….I will take your baby and provide a very loving home…I’m in Michigan and would be more than happy to drive to your home.