One Neighbor Scales Back This Holiday Season

The New York Times profiles a few folks who are scaling back their holiday this year because of… you know… The Great Depression.  One of those featured in the piece is nabe attorney Robin McCabe and her sister Susan:

NY Times: The Holidays Downsized: A restaurant dinner? All those presents?

“Out of the question,” said Ms. McCabe, who is scrambling to make the rent on her Manhattan apartment. “And that really bothers me.”

In solidarity, Ms. McCabe’s sister, Robin, a lawyer, suggested a familywide ban on gifts for the adults. Then, to strike a tone more seemly for the times and her little sister’s circumstances, Robin reshaped her annual Brooklyn Heights holiday party: the sparkly, dressy affair will be a potluck gathering with a charitable component. It will feature clothing from Goods of Conscience, a new line sewn by Bronx seamstresses using fabric woven by Guatemalan women, who share in the profit.

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  • AEB

    As a Christmas non-celebrator, I’m often rather smug as I watch others do the annual holiday consumerist thing.

    Mine is, however, an ivory-tower POV. And doesn’t take into account the genuine pleasures of gift-giving (and getting) at this bleak time of year.

    Still, if any time required some scaling back of the consumerist imperative, it’s now.

    As Marcella Hazan suggests in today’s Times, instead of shopping, make dinner for loved ones. You won’t necessarily be saving dough by doing so, but that gift is in many ways more happily proportionate.

  • Claude Scales

    Read your hed and thought, “Yeah, I am back this holiday season, but why is it news?”

  • hoppy

    “Maybe Christmas”, [the Grinch] thought, “doesn’t come from a store.”

    “Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!”

    -Dr. Seuss

  • joe

    yeah, maybe this year would be a good year to focus on, i don’t know, christ?