Montague Street: We Made It Through The Rain

A walk along Montague Street from end to end around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning revealed no broken windows or fallen limbs. The worst damage was a busted lighted sign at TD Bank at the corner of Court Street; and a large overturned planter in front of Teresa’s. All along the corridor, newspaper boxes were tossed about like cardboard, including a couple that were outright smashed. Otherwise, Montague Street checks out a-okay. Eager to get out? Happy Days Diner, for one, is open for business, with other open eateries being added below in Comments. See more pics, too. (CT)

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  • Hungry

    So… what local eateries are open today?

  • BG

    Happy Days was the only place open at sun-up. L&H is open, though they are running low on food inventories and said they might well run out today. Hot Bagel opened a little after 7am. Looked like Connecticut Muffin was also open. Subway had signs of life inside, but no indication of opening. Yesterday, the Custom House was open, but not sure if they plan to do so today.

  • BG

    Also, I think Sahadi’s plans to be open today.

  • GHB

    Had coffee at Connecticut Muffin and bought a sandwich at L&H for lunch. Thanks for opening!

  • dw

    area kids store on montague is open today.

  • Claude Scales

    Kenn Lowy has announced another 3:00 matinee at Brooklyn Heights Cinema (70 Henry, at Orange) for today (Tuesday).

  • Hungry

    FYI last night WiPie pizza stayed open. Not sure about today.

  • BH’er

    thanks to all the stores and great people braving the weather to open up throughout the storm to keep us running (and providing a place to go (watch football))!!

    hope everyone stayed safe!

  • km

    Iris take out was open for drip coffee and baked goods this morning