Brooklyn Black Friday: Where are you shopping?

Brooklyn Beep Marty “Faux Petit Fleur” Markowitz wants you to shop in Brooklyn this holiday season.  There are many discount programs offered and detailed at .  Sure the ecomony stinks, but you still have to buy gifts for someone, eh?  But do Brooklyn Heights folks really “Shop Brooklyn”?  Do you plan to hit the Fulton Mall or Target for your holiday shopping?  If not, where do you go?  Comment away!

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  • simon

    White folks shop in Manhattan or in the country near their weekend houses. Black folks shop at the Fulton Mall.
    That’s the way it is in Brooklyn.

  • Ed

    actually, there are NO discount programs listed on the linked website. all that marty’s “shop brooklyn” campaign does, it seems, is to ask merchants to hang a fairly lame flyer in their window.

  • AEB

    I shop where they have the stuff I want to buy.

    Sound reasonable?

  • E G

    Good try White Boy, Simon!

    Meanwhile, I feel horrible about myself. I went to PC Richards (Atlantic) to buy an HDMI cable. I saw someone going for the last remaining 2 meter Monster HDMI. I lost my mind. In my frenzy I trampled over and seriously injured a woman, her infant child and killed a security guard to get to it first. Damn this Black Friday!

  • AEB

    But, E G, you DID get get the cable, right?

  • E G

    Absolutely! I win!

  • T.K. Small

    Many of the regular BHB readers know that I use a wheelchair as my means of ambulation. Until today, my favorite obnoxious response to the question “what happened to you?” was simply that “I was stepped on by a dinosaur.” From now on it will be “I was trampled in an unfortunate Black Friday stampede.”

  • AEB

    Not to put a crimp in the Black Friday frivolity, but a a few moments ago I heard on the local news that a Walmart worker was in fact and actually trampled to death today by the crowd rushing to get into the store even before it opened this AM.


  • simon

    White folks would go to Fulton Mall if there was a Walmart.
    But there are just ugly little stores with over-priced, poor-quality goods. There is nothing there that would draw me. Not only is it very unattractive but it’s also expensive.

  • Bob

    Only one way to shop: online.

  • Andrew Porter

    But there was mention of an H&M opening on the Fulton Mall in the near future. Can an Apple Store, a Gucci, Tiffany’s and other such emporiums be far behind?

    Oh, sorry, I meant to post this on the April 1st topic…