It’s 9 O’Clock. You Know Where Your Storm Center Is?

The waiting continues, as Hurricane Sandy continues barreling Northeast, with “unheard of” winds already reaching 75 mph. The storm is moving 15 mph, and could make landfall anywhere between Sandy Hook, N.J., and Delaware. “Once it arrives, a high-pressure system will have the effect of a cork in a bottle, sealing the storm in the area so it can’t escape,” reports CBS 2 meteorologist Lonnie Quinn.

Meanwhile, the BH Promenade is eerily quiet and virtually deserted, while the BQE was spookily desolate, as area residents hunker down for predicted rains of 5-9″ and sustained winds of 40 mph, with gusts up to 80 mph, which could persist for up to 36 hours. Quinn says, “It’s like giving this storm a Monster energy drink.”

Last year, Hurricane Irene dumped 11 inches of rain over 3 to 7 hours, as opposed to “Frankenstorm’s” predicted 24-36 hour lockdown. Photos below. (CT)

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  • Nathan McKnight

    So….where IS my storm center!? It’s a pretty sad comment on journalism that we can’t provide the single piece of useful information promised in the lede.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Yeah, Nathan I can’t get any information on the storm anywhere. Turn on the TV and all they are playing are old I Love Lucy repeats.

  • Bette

    So true – if I have to go to a shelter near Brooklyn Heights I wouldn’t know where to go. It would be great if this information (where is the shelter?) was included in this blog.

  • Andrew Porter

    BH is safe from any flooding, likely the power won’t go out. So stay home, keep reading BHB!

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    Good article-terrific photos! Thank you.