LICH Closing?

lich.gifThe New York Post reports today that "state officials" are "considering" closing Long Island College Hospital in Cobble Hill.  

The hospital's Dr. Wayne March told staffers that the facility would stay open, the newspaper reports. However, he added that the state Health Care Commission for the 21st Century may try to shut it down. March pointed to various improvement projects going on at the hospital, such as building a new front entrance, as evidence that LICH  "definitely won't be closing down."

BHA President Judy Stanton told the Post that closing the hospital would have a negative impact on Brooklyn Heights as well, citing the fact that many residents have doctors who are affiliated with the hospital, use the emergency room and or are employed at LICH.

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  • Peter

    First, I think the hospital is in Cobble Hill, not Carroll Gardens. Second, her name is spelled Judy, not Judi.

  • Homer Fink

    Exactly! Our copy editor is clearly sleeping on the job.

  • Roe

    LICH…..Save our Hospital!!!!!!!!!!

    Press conference Monday June 9, 2008 at 11 a.m.

    Hicks and Pacific Streets.

    As a result of gross financial negligece, possible unlawful practices, and the siphoning of LICH resources, this vital instituition is in a condition of near solivency. It’s closure would have a major adverse impact on the community.

    come meet with Medical Staff and community leaders tomorrow.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I had the misfortune of requiring the use of the LICH ER Friday night.
    However, wary as I was about the experience, I found the care and facility to be professional and quality far exceeding my expectations.
    Additionally, it was a huge convenience factor to have it so close.
    Hope I never need it again, but hope it’s there if I do.