Open Thread Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mum’s the word! Or maybe not. It is, after all, Open Thread Wednesday for October 24, 2012… which also happens to be the same day in 1861 that the first Transcontinental Telegraph line was completed across the U.S., spelling the end of the Pony Express. And look at us now… using the Internets to blog with the ease of a hunt & peck and a couple clicks. So what’s on your mind today? Do tell… and comment away. (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • GHB

    Sue, we’ve had the rat problem for ages. I even saw one on the Promenade in broad daylight last weekend.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    I was taking a walk on the Promenade last night at about 7:15PM when I noticed a rat chasing either another much smaller rat or a mouse. Like you, I have been seening alot of rats in the evening on my walks.
    I no longer enjoy walking on the Promenade at night because of the rats. I wonder how many people would be sitting on the benches closest to the gardens if they knew about the rat situation!

  • hicks st. guy

    Yes, Homer.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    The rats are out of control on the Promenade. I run there every morning, and without fail, at least one scampers directly in front of me every day. Freaks me out.

    They more closely resemble the Rodents of Unusual Size from the Princess Bride than they do actual city rats.

  • Sue

    So what’s the solution? Hiring the pied piper? I’m an animal lover, and poisoning them is harsh, yet I can see no other solution. I wonder if any of the homes on the promenade have them in their basements? I’m just grateful that I live on the 17th floor of my apt. building. I’m glad someone else saw the rats, for a minute or two I thought I was seeing things. Ugh!

  • Monty

    How about the Brooklyn Ice Rats?

    @ILikeBrooklyn, it doesn’t matter whose house it is, it is never illegal to take pictures of things in public. You could camp out next the set with a video camera and sell it as a bootleg version of the movie and there is nothing they could do about it.

  • Claude Scales

    Homer: Yes.

  • Wiley E.

    If Bee Bop shows up, the $2000 reward could pay for an open bar!

  • Cathy

    @wiley E.
    Drinks are on me!!!

  • Neil

    Reply to Claude Scales (10-24-12, 4:40 p.m).

    Claude, I’ve linked to an article that refers to the presidential seal, which is somewhat different from the Great Seal of the U.S., and which at one time featured the eagle facing to the left and the group of arrows.

    The article itself contains a few links of interest.

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks, Neil, that’s an interesting article. I see my Aggie friend was off by three years; the eagle’s head was turned in ’45.

  • x

    Anyone have any success with an indoor TV antenna in picking up HD signals from the major networks?

    I live in one of the tall buildings on Court St but haven’t had luck thus far.

  • David on Middagh

    X, before digital broadcasts, I used rabbit ears in one fortunately-situated room and a rooftop aerial signal in another. I no longer own the rabbit ears TV, but the other one still works (with one of those converter boxes from Radio Shack). It, however, is ten-year old cathode ray tube, not a flat panel.

    Even our rooftop signal was not strong enough to feed a new flat panel TV. I’ve heard that their tuners are too weak–i.e., optimized for cable.

    The old CRT + converter box + rooftop aerial receives the usual suspects (CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, WWOR, WPIX, WNET, and a few I never watch).

  • Gerry

    @ Sue – the rats are nothing new all over Remsen Street and Montague Terrace for as long as we have lived here..

  • Gerry

    We miss the Love Lane garage.

  • Bette

    Sue – same thing happened to me during a recent walk on the Promenade near the entrance at Remsen. One of those critters just about ran over my foot. Creepy! Is this a city issue? (meaning should I call 311?)