Open Thread Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On this Wednesday following Monday’s Columbus Day—which celebrates the 1492 anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas—what’s blowing wind in your sails? Comment away, it’s Open Thread Wednesday on the Brooklyn Heights Blog. (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Wiley E.


  • Peter

    A neighbor is looking for exterminator recommendations.

    Not for bed bugs or cockroaches I don’t think but some other pest.

    Any recommendations out there?

  • Homer Fink

    peter- Johnny Falco at biomonde is great as is josh at green earth-

  • Knight

    @Peter: are we talking rodents or pesty neighbors?

  • dog lover

    Cobble Hill residents were able to drive out a fast food chain — how? By not eating there! Five Guys burgers has closed! There is a sign on the door to go to their fast food dive on Montague Street. Perhaps Brooklyn Heights might try boycotting chains.

  • Doublebara

    Have other Brooklyn Heights residents noticed their Time Warner cable tv reception going black momentarily and arbitrarily? Started sometime last week at my house.

  • HenryLoL

    Why would I boycot a place that has one of the best burgest around here?

  • Peter

    Doublebara, we’ve had the same problem here on the South side of the Heights.

    Knight – I assume they have a bug problem but I didn’t ask.

  • AEB

    Doublebara, not black, but for some time there have been occasional freezes, as if the live program I’m watching were on tape and the tape briefly stopped in action.

  • WillowL

    What was up with the helicopter hovering for over almost an hour last night ?

  • JoT

    Doublebara, YES, we’ve been having the exact same problem. And it’s not limited to BH – an acquaintance on the Upper East Side is experiencing it as well. I dread calling Time Warner and getting the whole, “Ok, what we need you to do is unplug your cable box and then plug it back in…oh, you’ve already done that three times? Ok, we’ll need to send a technician – how’s November 20th, 2013 for you?”

  • amanda

    It appears that the schedule has changed for the Manhattan-bound closure of the Brooklyn Bridge on weeknights. I was always under the impression that it closed at 11PM, but I got in a cab last night at 9:40 and asked the cabbie to take the Brooklyn Bridge, and he said it’s closed every night at 9:30. I live in DUMBO and can see the BQE from my apartment, and sure enough when I got home at 10PM the entrance from the BQE to the bridge was closed. The DOT website still says 11PM. This repair work is a huge pain for everyone involved, and if they’re going to change the schedule they should at least update the website.

  • AmyinBH

    Amanda, last week i took cars home to Brooklyn after 9:30 and the bridge traffic was still running in both directions. There was a ton of traffic going to Brooklyn and it took forever. Past car service drivers insisted the bridge closed early just because they didn’t want to deal with traffic.

    Boycott Five Guys? No way. The french fries are made with fresh potatoes.

    I blame all the TWC problems not on the service, but on digital cable. The only problems I have been experiencing lately are the show I like all being scheduled at the same time.

  • DrewB

    Count another one who experiences dodgy TWC reception. I really hate Time Warner. FIoS cannot come to my block soon enough.

  • Knight

    At least TWC is being polite. I get the message “Please wait…” when the screen goes otherwise blank. But I have noticed it happening a lot more frequently in the past week or so. Also, when I press a button on the remote (e.g. to change the channel) it sometimes takes up to a full minute for the system to respond.

  • amanda

    We had all of those problems with Time Warner and more. We switched to Verizon FiOS about a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back. The quality is so much better and there are no lapses in service, not to mention the internet speeds are lightning fast. I know it’s not available yet in all areas, but if you have a chance to switch, definitely do it. Time Warner has been a monopoly in our area of Brooklyn for a long time, and they have allowed their service to get unacceptably bad while raising prices every year. Vote with your dollars and switch if you can.

  • David Fuller

    Plus TWC has now bate-and-switched us to “rent” the cable modem. What will they do with the immediate influx of $$millions this month? Fix their service? Hmmm…

  • jv

    dog lover, i get what you mean about chain restaurants but Five Guys is a good one! Great burgers and fries. The only way they could make it better would be to serve beer.

  • jv

    also, Montague St’s least problem is Five Guys.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Yes, let’s boycot Five Guys so we can have another empty store like the old Starbucks, or perhaps we can be really licky and get another nail salon.

    FIOS is great. Very fast Internet service, no service issues.

  • Manahmanon

    Our cable has been pretty crappy too lately, more so than usual. I’ve ordered DirecTV but haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Somehow feel like I’ll be trading one problem for another, with a two year committment to boot.

  • Cascascas

    @Doublebara – same problems here. Thanks for raising this – thought my DVR was on the blink. Anyone any ideas how we bring to to TWC’s attention?

  • Topham Beauclerk

    @dog lover

    You must remember that there are two populations here, the permanent and the temporary. The permanent might go for a boycott but the temporary never would.

  • PBL

    I must vehemently applaud the new Table 87 restaurant on Atlantic Avenue … in a word: BRAVO.

    By FAR the best pizza in the area, period (I am still a fan of Sam’s on Court Street, but this takes the cake … errr, pie).

    I am sure you have read some of my critical (and good) posts about area eateries, but my wife and I were thrilled when we went here last weekend. The sauce, the cheese (FYI, a buratta pie is coming soon), and the condiments (roasted garlic and hot roasted red peppers tableside) make this place truly special.

    I felt compelled to write this cause the place was relatively empty, and quality like this deserves the support of the neighborhood — truly a gem!

  • PBL

    PS, I posted this in another thread, so pardon the repeat question: does anyone know what happened at 140 Cadman Plaza West last weekend? Saw 10 or so police cars surrounding the place, with flashlights pointed upward toward the higher floors. Thought someone was about to jump, but couldn’t tell. Anyone know?

  • weegee

    There were shots fired at 45 Fleet Walk, likely resulting in the helicopter presence.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    I’ve heard a lot of crazy ideas on this blog…but boycott Five Guys??? Good lord. Sure, I’ll boycott them, just as soon as they stop serving delicious burgers and amazing fries.

  • runnie

    Speaking of empty storefronts, anyone know what’s going on with the spot on Montague across the street from the UPS store and Banana Republic? I remember reading here that it was going to be a tapas-style restaurant. Is that still in the works?

  • HenryLoL

    The best way to get help from Time Warner Cable is through their Twitter handle: TWCableHelp. They always answer.

  • David on Middagh

    PBL, I must have had pizza from Table 87 without even realizing the source. They were vending outdoors at the Atlantic Antic. Antic-goers crowded around, just waiting for the next hot pie to emerge. For me, the garlic and roasted pepper condiments *made* the slice.