Tragic Loss on Promenade

Sign taped to trash can near Montague Street entrance to Promenade.  The phone number at the bottom of the sign is 347-512-8216.

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  • CJP

    First let me say I sorry I am for the owner and how I hope you get it back.

    I’m a guy who often finds stuff and when there’s a way to return it, such as a wallet, I do. If it’s a credit card and I can’t locate the owner, I call the bank and tell them I’ve found it and let them cancel it. If it’s a cellphone I call the most recently dialed number and see if they know who it belongs to .

    But for things like cameras, binoculars, GPS devices and cellphones let me offer this piece of advice. Write your name and phone number on the bottom (obviously with a cellphone you want to use a different number) and say “If Found, Please Call XXX-XXXX.

    If someone finds it and wants to return it there’s not much they can do. If someone finds it and plans to keep it there’s also not much you can do. But if you believe, like I do, and perhaps naively, that more people are honest than bad, then a contact number will speed the return process.

  • Claude Scales

    There is a phone number at the bottom of the sign, which is hard to read on the photo as posted. It is 347-512-8216.

  • Claude Scales

    OK, I guess I should have headed it “Comedic Loss on Promenade.”

    But, then, comedy is hard.

  • Claude Scales

    Sheesh, guys, I was just going for a little melodramatic effect in my caption. Guess I can forget my dream of becoming a headline writer for the Post.