Brooklyn Bridge Park Moves Ahead On Pier 2 & Pier 3 Uplands

Brooklyn Bridge Park offers an update on its progress: “Construction is moving forward on Pier 2 and the Pier 3 uplands. To facilitate these improvements, we have needed to make some accommodations. Most notably, a portion of the temporary greenway has shifted east directly adjacent to Furman Street. The new alignment begins just north of Pier 2 and continues south to Montague Street, where it connects with the existing path.”

The new alignment will be in place for the duration of BBP’s construction, which extends to Fall 2013. Temporary signage has been installed directing bikers and pedestrians to the new path at both the southern and northern entrances to the Park: “We thank you for your patience as we continue to build you more park.” (Photo: Julienne Schaer)

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  • Amanda Tree

    I’d like to say a good word about the Pilates Workshop held on Pier 6 for this past four months.

    A wonderful instructor, Ms. Lou Cornacchia, devoted her time and artistry to those who came to the Pilates Workshop held each Thursday evening at 7 PM.

    There, by the lapping waterfront and whatever stars were out that night, she tirelessly gave us her talent and energy, teaching Pilates and making sure each of us understood the full concept of every single move.

    She arrived each time with all her setup, put it together along with portable sound system, bench, with the help of her sweet, mellow companion, Dakota, a large Golden Retriever.

    These sessions proved to be amazing!

    I saw immediate results, and tho I’m a regular member of Equinox, chose to come to her Thursday class on the water, as it was so deeply comprehensive and helpful.

    The fact that she kept an eye out for each of us, motivating us and helping us to “get” each move accurately, was of great importance to me.

    Wish the classes could’ve gone on indefinitely, but glad we managed to have so many of them.

    My feeling is that this wonderful experience should be documented somehow, maybe a commendation officially given by the Brooklyn Bridge Park group, not sure how that works, but such devoted and highly skilled volunteer work should be recognized.

    Just wanted to share this with you –