Open Thread Wednesday, September 26

Welcome to the first 2012 autumnal Open Thread Wednesday on the Brooklyn Heights Blog. What words of wisdom would you care to leaf with the community today? Comment away!
(Photo: Chuck Taylor/Montague Street Summer Space 2012)

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  • Mr. Crusty

    Well the new Barclays Arena will have its grand opening event this Friday with a JayZ concert. I’m curious to see if all the fears of traffic and other calamities were warranted. I have been in the new arena and it is quite a beautiful facility witha real Brooklyn flavor with many of the areas named after Brooklyn neighborhoods and all in all I think it will be a huge plus for Brooklyn in many different ways. Time will tell however.

  • DrewB

    I’m interested in seeing what happens well Crusty. I’ve already got tickets to three concerts, and am looking forward to checking it out. I’m hoping it will sound good in there. The fact that they are stealing shows from MSG makes me think it will.

  • lois

    Just make sure you go by public transportation!

  • lori

    Does anybody have any more pix of the Doggie Show from Sunday?

  • AmyinBH

    I absolutely dread being the on the subway after a long day at work with drunk and/or rowdy sports fans. Watching the fans go in the opposite direction all these years made me appreciate living in Brooklyn just a wee bit more.

  • New_in_BH

    Can anyone recommend a good chiropractor in the area?

  • Hicks St Guy

    I am disappointed with the rusted steel look of the new arena. happy with its existence, and saddened that the Develop don’t Destroy movement precluded our having a Frank Gehry bldg. and I read that their leader is at war with his Park Slope neighbors: glad he didn’t move to BH.

  • Gerry

    I just got a great deal on two tickets for my wife to see Barbra Striesand apparantly sales are sluggish so they cut the prices. Finally a woman who had shunned her native boro will come back for an ego trip BUT at reduced ticket prices.

  • Gladis

    Does anyone know when the annual Brooklyn Heights Halloween Parade will be?

  • maestro

    We and some of our friends use a wonderful Chiropractor

    Ferrieri Angelo G DC
    26 Court St, Suite 1905 Brooklyn Heights, NY 11242
    (718) 852-3535 ‎

  • lois

    Gladis, Just checked with Perfect Paws – it will be held the Sunday before Halloween, October 28th

  • Hicks St Guy

    @NewinBH, go for a Physical Therapist, chiros are quacks, i.e Rashid on corner of Hicks & Clark.

  • JV

    New in BH, go to physiologic on remsen. Dr Gehrman. 718-260-1000.

  • JV

    Not all chiros are quacks! there are good and bad just like everything else.

  • soulman

    I second the recommendation of Physiologic. Not only did they fix my extremely painful and debilitating neck condition with a combination of chiropractic, massage and physical therapy, I learned exercises that have helped stave off a recurrence. My health plan covered most of it too.

  • Tiger Lily

    I also would love to see some photos of the heights dog show! Did anyone take some and post them online somewhere? Flickr?

  • ME

    Heights resident Karen Thomas is an amazing chiropractor, and does acupuncture as well. She was able to take care of my back problems despite the fact my orthopedist told me surgery was the only possible cure. Her practice, Community Chiropractic, is in Park Slope, but well worth the trip.

  • Jorale-man

    I’ve noticed that the MTA has been repairing the stairways into the 4/5 portion of the Borough Hall station recently. Does anyone know if a bigger upgrade is in the works or is this more a lawsuit-prevention fix? I keep hoping that they’ve eventually renovate the whole station but I’m not holding my breath.

  • north heights res

    Driving back to the neighborhood last night on the BQE, I think I saw those big electronic signs directed to “Concert-goers,” alerting them that the Atlantic Ave ramp was closed and they should use the Tillary St exit to get to the Barclay’s Center. That should do wonders for traffic and congestion.

  • Ari

    ^^ @ north heights res – saw the same thing walking my dog last night nearby. This could (will) be a colossal shitshow.

  • DrewB

    @ North heights. Barclays opening concert with Jay Z is friday night. Are the signs already up? That would help with traffic in the heights.

  • David on Middagh

    ^ Some spambots are dumber than others.