Force is With Brigate Bocce in Win Over Chewbocce


Powered by brilliant performances by Mrs. Fink and Qfwfq, Homer Fink's Brigate Bocce chalked up their third consecutive win today as they defeated Chewbocce 7-6, 4-7, 7- 2 in Floyd NY's bocce league.  The victory brings the team's season record to 3-4 with one more regular season game remaining.

"Do or do not, there is no try," Capo Homer Fink told reporters, in English for a change, after the game. "The lovely ladies of Chewbocce, while formidable opponents, weren't ready for this juggernaut.  Mrs. Fink, saucy vixen that she is, proved to be too much of a force of nature to be denied. Her efforts, including a four-point play, carried us to victory." Fink then scratched his head, took a sip of Piel's Real Draft (the kind of beer your first loved) and spat out this phrase in the language of his forefathers, "Ora andrò faccio l'amore appassionato fatto alla mia moglie per ricompensarlo per il suo sforzo eccezionale del bocce!"

Brigate Bocce's final game of the regular season is 12/3 against Joanie Loves Bocce.

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  • Qfwfq

    I would be celebrating with the official Brigate Bocce Fight Songs right now if the CDs you handed out weren’t blank.

  • Poppa Fink

    Atsa nicea. Dona fight.

  • East Village Wine Geek

    AH…..Bocce. I really dig the star wars connection it really adds a sense of adventure to the game. I can’t wait to hear who comes out on top.