Remember the Heroes of Engine Company 205/ Ladder Company 118

Our own FDNY heroes, Engine Company 205 / Ladder Company 118 “Fire Under the Bridge”, lost 8 men on 9/11/01 including 6 who died together in their firetruck under the rubble. 

Many residents have mentioned Firefighter Vernon Cherry, who was known to sing outside the Middagh Street firehouse.

In the month after the attacks, the New York Times ran obituaries of those we lost. Mr. Cherry’s read as follows:

It is the singing, more than anything else, that keeps Vernon Cherry so vivid in their minds. A Brooklyn firefighter who moonlighted as a wedding singer, Mr. Cherry, 49, sang it all and he sang it everywhere: Barry White in the firehouse, Frank Sinatra at weddings, the national anthem at Fire Department promotion ceremonies.

“He would just sing,” said Raymond Thomas, a firefighter who worked with him for 11 years at Ladder Company 118 in Brooklyn Heights. “He would be walking up the stairs, in the locker room, taking a shower. He had such a beautiful voice. I used to ask him: `Sing me a song, Vernon. Vernon, sing `Always and Forever.’ He wouldn’t do the whole song, just short bits and pieces.”

Mr. Cherry, a 28-year veteran of the Fire Department, was known at Ladder 118 as “Vernon Mo,” because he called everybody else “Mo.” And there was his lasagna, “Lasagna Mo.”

“He put mushrooms in it,” Mr. Thomas said. “He used every pot in the firehouse. We tried to discourage him from cooking. I mean we loved it, but he had to use every pot in the house.”

Each year, BHB readers have taken a moment to remember Mr. Cherry and our other Brooklyn Heights Heroes:

Lt. Joseph Agnello

Firefighter Vernon Cherry

Firefighter Scott Davidson

Firefighter Leon Smith Jr.

Firefighter Peter Vega

Lt. Robert Wallace

Lt. Robert Regan

Captain Martin Egan

Godspeed gentlemen, and thank you. We will never forget you.

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  • Claude Scales


  • epc


  • Prom Gal

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
    John 15:13

    Rest in peace gentlemen; job well done.
    You will never be forgotten.

  • Marmac

    May they RIP. The firefighters of 205/118 are wonderful, patiently taking photos with tourists and letting our children sit in their engines to their absolute wonderment. I will be laying a bouquet in front the firehouse today. Hope others will too.

  • AnnOfOrange

    E205/L118 9/11 Memorial mass at 11 AM at Assumption Church on Cranberry Street

  • harumph

    we will never forget

  • daisy

    Thanks for not forgetting.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    One doesn’t wish the dead godspeed.

  • Cracked Pot

    topham, once again you show that you are godless.

  • SPM

    My thoughts are with those who were lost and thank you to you who are still here in our neighborhood protecting us.

  • Knight

    Saying “Godspeed” is way of wishing someone a prosperous journey. I find it highly appropriate in this context.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    @cracked pot

    Suitable name. Yes, cracked, I am an atheist, Greek for godless.


    I find your comment bewildering.

  • PBL

    Topham Beauclerk, your witless internet “tough guy” act is stale and gives the real Topham Beauclerk a bad name. While I am sure it feels good to banter behind the anonymity of your computer screen, please know you are a loser regardless of your gutless posts. Good day.

  • MadeInBrooklyn


  • Lauren

    @SPM, I echo your exact sentiments. In addition to taking a moment today to remember those who were lost, I find myself especially grateful to the heroes still among us who often risk their lives/safety as simply part of their job. Thank you, E205/L118!

  • Willowtowncop