The Big Reveal: 62 Montague Street, Uh, But…

It took a week to methodically deconstruct scaffolding from the rooftop & 10th floor down to street level, but as of late Thursday afternoon, it was all good & done at 62 Montague Street, between Hicks and Montague Terrace. The 1880s’ Queen Anne coop, originally known as The Arlington, not only has the distinction of being a cornerstone to the Promenade entrance, but is the featured pic on Wikipedia’s Brooklyn Heights entry. The facade rejuvenation at 62 Montague began almost exactly two years ago. Isn’t she pretty?

That’s the pleasant news. Unfortunately… the large eight-story building two doors up, at 68 Montague Street, is beginning its own rooftop and parapet reno beginning on Friday… so in essence, one set of unsightly scaffolding is supplanted for another. Sigh…

(Photos: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Big Dave

    The street level facade looks unfinished…

  • stuart

    They need to circle back and see how they can improve the look of the ground floor facade. In some cases paint really is preferable to scarred and discolored stone.
    As for the new scaffolding, it is a good sign. It signals the reinvestment in the community. Many of the historic buildings in Brooklyn Heights have been neglected by absentee landlords. The City’s facade inspection law is finally forcing these owners to spend real money on the repair and maintenance of their properties.

  • GHB

    Stuart, that is good. With the new law, so many old buildings are being forced to make repairs. Have you walked around Tribeca lately? It looks like half the buildings are covered with nets!

  • stuart

    I want to add that I think the Montrose Morris building looks great. I love the way they restored the cornice and dormers on the tower. It looks fantastic. kudos to the coop board for a great job.

  • Chuck Taylor

    Folks — The street level at 62 Montague has not been refinished yet. The building recognized that that could be completed without the scaffolding in place.

  • Tiger Lily

    How did you find out that this is what they are doing at 68 montague? The residents of the building were told the scaffolding went up because of Local Law 11.

  • 5thfloorwalkuper

    I believe Local Law 11 is the one that calls for exterior maintenance of the building in order to prevent accidents caused by falling pieces of the facade. Buildings are required to have regular inspections, and if problems are found, the repairs must be made.