Montague Street BID Hires New Maintenance Firm

On August 1, the Montague Street Business Improvement District hired a new sanitation contractor, Block By Block, which BID says is a nationally recognized provider of supplemental sanitation and streetscape maintenance. Its team will be working year-round, seven days a week to keep Montague Street up to par.

The company brings to the neighborhood a “Special Projects” Ambassador to address specific maintenance issues, including graffiti removal, deep cleaning and other projects above and beyond typical cleaning services. Extended service hours will be in effect through the remainder of the summer during weekends. The new team’s uniforms are blue, with the Montague BID logo.

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  • lori

    Does this mean goodbye to The Doe Fund? The Ready Willing and Able Workers? I thought they were a good group to support.

  • JR

    Why did they change from DOE, this is a nonprofit organization that helps homeless people? Where does Block by Block hire its workers from, what do they pay them, do workers get benefits & are they treated fairly? I

  • 5thfloorwalkuper

    I thought the Doe Fund workers were doing a great job. Why the change?

  • Sid Meyer

    sms holdings which owns block by block is a privately held for profit organization

  • Big Dave

    Something smells about this and I don’t mean the street trash…

  • yoohoo

    Does anybody here ever read a piece to the end? The report clearly states that the newly hired company performs services beyond “typical street cleaning” and collecting trash.

  • Dwtnbklyjoe

    Bring back the Doe Fund please! They were great.