Beethoven and the Queen Hit BHC Screen

Now playing at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema I & II is Copying Beethoven (trailer) starring Ed Harris.

copyingbeethoven_tempposter.jpgManohla Dargis writes in the New York Times: At first glance the period film “Copying Beethoven” looks as if it might be following a familiar course. To begin with, there is Ed Harris in a Beethoven wig. It’s a fine wig, but wigs are generally worrisome, particularly when atop a head that seems quintessentially modern American. Then there is the matter of the young German actress Diane Kruger, who had the misfortune to play Helen in Wolfgang Petersen’s “Troy” and looks too beautiful to play a role of any substance. That, at least, is one lesson imparted by Hollywood, where, as around the 12th century B.C., attractive women are often little more than prizes to be passed around onscreen. Happily, the film director Agnieszka Holland, whose previous features include “Europa, Europa,” is herself a woman of substance.

Helen Mirren stars as The Queen (trailer) rated PG13, also playing at BHC.

thequeen_releaseposter.jpgRoger Ebert writes in the Chicago Sun-Times: "The Queen" is told almost entirely in small scenes of personal conflict. It creates an uncanny sense that it knows what goes on backstage in the monarchy; in the movie, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and the Queen Mother have settled into a sterile domesticity cocooned by servants and civil servants. It shows Tony and Cherie Blair (Helen McCrory) in their own bourgeois domestic environment. Both households, privately, are plain-spoken to the point of bluntness, and Cherie is more left wing than her husband, less instinctively awed by the monarchy, more inclined to dump the institution.

Brooklyn Heights Cinemas I & II
70 Henry Street

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