Pet Post Redux: How Many Pets Do You Think Live In Brooklyn Heights?

With the Brooklyn Heights Association’s annual Dog Show returning to Montague Street Sunday, Sept. 23—part of the BID’s Summer Space—it seems apropos to share info about how much New Yorkers prize their pets. Webbie Puppy Tales featured a “New York Dog Spotting” post Sunday, with stats from the NYC Economic Development Corp.: As of February 2012, +/-1.1 million pets reside in the city (600,000 dogs, 500,000 cats), with an ownership rate of about one pet for every three households.

The corporation breaks down ownership by region: Downtown Brooklyn, which includes the Heights, is home to between 15,001 & 20,000 pets. The most-populated NYC nabes are the Upper West & East Sides (lining Central Park), Staten Island, Astoria and—for whatever reason—Williamsburg.

Meanwhile, BHA Executive Director Judy Stanton shares with BHB readers that the organization will offer registration information and details for the Brooklyn Heights Dog Show soon after Labor Day. She says, “The idea is to make this homegrown show fun for dogs, their owners and the audience. Any dog who lives in Brooklyn Heights is eligible to enter the show on a first come, first served basis.” Poochie lovers with suggestions for show categories can email, heading the Subject with “Dog Show.”

(Doggie pic: Puppy Tales/Chart: NYCEDC)

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  • Heightsman

    Too many!

  • Chuck Taylor

    Heightsman: My schnauzers Abby & Spencer respond: “Bite me!” Ah, just kidding wit’cha…

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    You took the words right out of my mouth!
    And I am a dog lover too.

  • Gerry

    We have 3 dogs two Chihuahuas and a Golden Retriever good thing we have a private garden a back yard for our dogs in the early morning and a large home with big rooms these people who cram dogs into small crummy NYC apartments and then go to work all day are foolish.

    My wife works from home and we have household help a nanny so the dog is walked often enough and we obey pooper scooper laws that are never enforced but we clean up after the dogs anyway.

    It is not easy to keep pets in Brooklyn Heights too many pet owners do not think this comitment through before they adopt a pet.

  • Knight

    Why doesn’t the NYC Economic Development Corp. recognize Brooklyn Heights or Carroll Gardens as neighborhoods? I think it’s odd that they would group us all in as part of Downtown Brooklyn.

  • Teddy

    It only becomes too many when you step into what an irresponsible dog owner left behind. Just takes a few bad apples.

  • AEB

    …and my two cats would also object, Heightsman, if they weren’t otherwise occupied by their daily round of eating, sleeping, and stealth upchucking. The darlings.

  • GHB

    Gerry, you love mentioning your luxurious digs any chance you get. Wouldn’t be surprised if you actually lived in a cramped basement.

  • Willowtowncop

    I have two cats, which is one entire cat short of crazy cat lady.

  • Lydia Gordon

    I’m with you Heightsman and WillowSt.

  • Heightsman

    @GHB – I had to go back and re-read Gerry’s comments. Made me laugh.

  • j

    Gerry, the nerve of some people… how dare they even consider getting a dog if they don’t have a mansion, backyard and a live in dogwalker!

  • Matt

    LOL @ j. Gerry, I don’t know you, but I think there is a pretty high chance you are a douche.