Brooklyn Heights History Quiz #2

So you think the first quiz was easy? Tackle our second quiz now. Note: Now with answers after completion!

Photo: Norman E-mailer

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  • Quizzical

    I just took the quiz but where are the answers?

  • hicksanthrope

    No answers. You need answers : )

  • Tim

    At least with Quiz #1 we were told what percentage we got correct. Both need correct answers posted. Comeon, Homer.

  • lori

    No, the answers need to be posted one week after the quiz is posted!

  • Arch Stanton

    When finished, it just says “quiz completed” it does not give a score or answers?

  • Hicks on Hicks

    I feel cheated

  • Mr. Crusty

    I gave myself a 100% score. Everyone knows how modest I am.

  • Homer Fnk

    Simmah downna – working on this “issue”.

  • dog lover

    Shame on you, regarding the Queen of BH.

  • Cracked Pot

    Shame on you for making a dumb comment.