Open Thread Wednesday: July 25, 2012

As the dog days of Summer 2012 continue, it’s time to bow(wow) another Open Thread Wednesday. What’s wagging your tail today? And remember, hounding your fellow posters is impolite, so keep the barking to a minimum. No bitching, please. (Photo: Glenn Bradie)

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  • hicksanthrope


  • johnston

    ::Shakes fist and screams something unintelligible at beautiful progress happening all around us::

  • Ellie

    Beautiful morning, nothing to complain about. Just a comment…the “you are here” should read “you are not here” on the info board about the tree scupltures. Visitors are confused enough about where they are on the map!

  • Still here

    A park without piers?

    Interesting links on Hudson River Park regarding the difficulties with maintaining structures on piers, and relying on them to generate park maintenance revenues:

    and…more recent

    This is something to consider when contemplating any significant build-out on the piers for Brooklyn Bridge park and their need for long term maintenance – Chelsea piers requires $30-100 million to repair the pilings. Just to repair pier 40 is almost $100 Million.

    It is comforting to note that, like them or not, the BBP’s revenue generators (hotel and condos – BTW prohibited in HRP) are to be built on dry land while the piers shall provide less elaborate builds for programming amenities with far less infrastructure and maintenance issues.

    It is also comforting that the City is now the sole owner of BBP and no longer shared with the state. We only have to worry about the sentiments of one administration towards the park.

  • Freddie

    Need to drive out to Baldwin LI tonight at 7 pm. What is the fastest way? Atlantic ave to Penn ave to the Belt to the Southern pkwy? or the LIE to the Southern..thanks for the advice

  • AEB

    (Kudos, Chuck, for keeping that metaphor afloat…and…afloat.)

  • Eddyenergizer

    Freddie, Who knows its a crap shoot at that hour.. check Google maps traffic before you leave, I would allow at least 1.5 hours. Atlantic Ave. to Conduit to the Belt/SS is the shortest distance but that leg alone will be about 50 min. Good luck.

  • JDTX

    Greetings fellow Heights residents,

    I hope it is okay to post this here…

    My name is Jarrod Dickenson. I am a new Brooklyn Heights resident, originally hailing from Central Texas, with stops in Austin, Nashville and Los Angeles before landing here in our wonderful neighborhood.

    I am also a singer-songwriter, and I will be performing a neighborhood show at our very own Brooklyn Heights Cinema next Wednesday, August 1 at 9:00pm. I would like to extend an invitation to you kind folks. I would love the opportunity to meet more of my new neighbors, and share an evening of music together.

    You can find my music, and all sorts of other information at these various sites:

    Thanks. I hope to see y’all there!


  • GHB

    @JDTX… “I would like to extend an invitation to you kind folks”
    Read this thread in a few hours, and see how kind the folks are!
    Welcome to The Heights!

  • Patty

    Sorry for the repost but I think this is a more appropriate thread:

    Can anyone recommend a good dog walker in the neighborhood?


  • Shannon

    What’s filming on Henry Street?

  • lori

    Pierrepont Street update: They have finally resumed renovations on the house at 23 PP Street. The house changed hands several months ago and they had started renovating but discontinued. I was worried, but they have resumed. I think they were awaiting more permits from the Bldgs Dept (no surprise there). The house at 25 PP Street, which has had a scaffold up for several months, is now for sale. I had received the prospectus on this several months ago – not a good buy. The new owner probably can’t afford the work needed on the house. 55 Pierrepont Street, the senior residence has been undergoing renovations for several months. I feel sorry for the seniors living there during these renovations. The senior center next door has had no air conditioning all summer – they used to be a cooling center, but this summer they are a “heating center”. No laughing matter.

  • Peter

    Lori I’ve seen buildings hook up portable chiller in these cases i cant imagine these elderly people there without ac. that’s horrible !

  • Hicks St Guy

    noticed a sign in window at Tazza proclaiming that they have pizza now, stopped in for a menu, they didn’t have any printed yet, but the nice fellow at the counter gave me a slice, and it was delicious! will be back for a whole pie.

  • eg

    My concern has been about bicycles. I was happy to hear that the city has adopted new rules for the road which I hope will be effective if riders are all informed and will comply.

    The rules about local delivery drivers who ride on the sidewalk were especially important. Drivers will have to wear a helmet, a shirt identifying the restaurant, and reflectors on bikes. I had a friend who was knocked down by such a rider on the sidewalk here in the heights and years later he still has to use a wheelchair. The rider just disappeared.

    Also, I am concerned by bike riders who do not obey traffic signals. As a pedestrian with a walker, I cross at the lights and have occasionally been surprised by bikers who just whiz through without stopping. Also, I can see from the front of my house, bikers not stopping at stop signs across the street. There is a great need for biker education about safety for all. They seem to do this issue well in some European countries.

    P.S. Another problem is that bikers go in any direction and do not follow traffic patterns. However, bikers and cars are another issue.

  • PBL

    So is Calexico officially done at Brooklyn Bridge Park? Haven’t seen it this summer, and I tweeted them a few messages with no response. Is this official? What a bummer … granted, I can still get my fix by walking up to Union Street, but I admit I miss that pulled pork quesadilla!

    PS, went to Gran Electrica for the first time last weekend. Awesome atmosphere outside, great drinks, solid (not amazing) food. The Mole chicken, fish tacos, quac … all very solid, maybe slightly under-seasoned. I will definitely return!

  • Calexico Spotting

    PBL – Not sure if it’ll be consistent, but last weekend (Saturday), I saw the Calexico folks setting up their cart at the bottom of Main Street across from Bubby’s. This was early in the day (11ish), so who knows if they stayed, if they’ll be back, etc. And, every time I’ve called to ask about the cart at Brooklyn Bridge Park, they react like I’m smoking crack and have no idea what I’m talking about.

    And, I agree about Gran Electrica, but I found the music selection to be a bit off….

  • JDTX

    @GHB “Read this thread in a few hours, and see how kind the folks are!
    Welcome to The Heights!”

    I was hoping that if I was very kind, and not in any way offensive with my post, that I would be given a pass…so far, so good!

    And thank you, I’m very happy to be a resident of such a wonderful neighborhood.


  • Anna B

    What’s the latest on the opening of the new pizza joint on Hicks between Remsen and Montague? Seems like they were going to be opening “in just a few days” two weeks ago…

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    I just ran into Csaba outside the pet store and he gave me his business card.
    Csaba Kadas and Henriett Hutoczki
    808 273-1633

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Calexico Spotting,
    Yes, Calexico was supposed to move from Brooklyn Bridge Park down to DUMBO. I am glad you spotted them finally as I have been wanting to try them out for quite some time now.

  • Bob Sacamano

    All this stuff about bicycle rules and safety is so overblown.

  • Tiger Lily

    Patty, here is a good dog walking service:

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Bob Sacamano,
    No it isn’t. Just ask my husband who ended up in the emergency room a few weeks after being hit by a cyclist at MetroTech.
    No bike riding is allowed there. Yeah, right.

  • Knight

    Yes, “Bob”, I suppose bicycle safety will remain “overblown” until one of the local food deliverymen knocks you down and pedals away. Then it will be the most important thing we discuss.

  • PBL

    Thanks Calexico Spotting! That is (potentially) great news!

    Unrelated, has anyone been to movies in the park on Thursday nights? How “ok” is it to bring wine: I know its not allowed in the park, but is it enforced?

  • Michael

    Calexico and Jarrod –

    I stopped by Calexico on Union Street last week. They said that their cart will be around Brooklyn Bridge Park on weekends from noon to 8pm. My neighbor went to the cart last weekend and confirmed what Calexico Spotting said, which is that they are near Bubbys.

    Jarrod – welcome to the Heights. Looking forward to your show at the cinema next Wednesday.

  • lori

    Anna B – I spoke to the owner of the new pizza place on Hicks off Montague and he said “Next week”. I hope that is true.

  • Monty

    Tazza had to suspend pizza service because they couldn’t cope with demand. It is going to return once they retool.

    Congratulations everyone on topping 30 comments without griping or sniping.

  • PBL

    I posted earlier today in another thread about Paul Rudd, and wouldn’t you know it, my wife and I bumped into him tonight walking out of Bevacco (they are filming a movie in the hood). Shorter than I expected!