Andiamo! Brigate Bocce Wins 2nd Consecutive Game


Homer Fink's Brigate Bocce increased its winning streak to 2 games today, defeating North Brooklyn in 3 sets 7-1, 2-7 and 7-1. The victory brings the team's season record to 2 – 4.

This week saw the activation of roster member Dave Sterman"ator" who proved his mettle on the court with several match saving plays. Combined with Qfwfq, team capo Homer Fink and Naked Idiot's Dan, the Brigates were unstoppable.

"Se Dan continua a guidare la sua bicicletta ai giochi, non solo volontà che continuiamo ad essere victorious, ma la sua prostata sarà schiacciata come un pomodoro poichè la sede è abbastanza dura," Capo Fink told reporters after the game.

Fink gently placed his can of PBR on the podium, put his hands on his hips and gazed at each reporter in the room.  Then, in a loud staccato manner he unleased this statement, "Continueremo il nostro regno di superiorità durante il resto della stagione che culmina nell'ultimo trionfo di vincita del trophy del bocce!"

Next week Homer Fink's Brigate Bocce faces the fearsome foursome known as Chewbocce.

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