Weeniegate Raises Question: Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?

The recent imbroglio over the Montague Terrace Hot Dog Dude (aka Weeniegate) has made the fact that it’s illegal for ANY mobile food vendor to set up shop on Montague Street from Court to the Promenade a hot topic.

While we’re sure the regulation was well-thought out by the “olds” backintheday, many things have changed in recent years. We hear that folks in other parts of Brooklyn and NYC get to enjoy something called “Food Trucks.” These vehicles serve up a wide variety of tasty eats. But they, like our Hot Dog Dude friend, are not permitted on Montague Street.

So the regulation not only bans one of the most beloved and delicious New York City traditions from our Main Street, but also denies us some of today’s most exciting lunch options. VOTE IN OUR POLL after the jump.

For those who believe that mobile vendors would hurt Montague’s brick & mortar restaurants, we say that it should make them want to RAISE THEIR GAME. One can only hope these mobile innovators will inspire some of the local eateries currently serving pre-fab dishes to fire up the grill and cook fresh and vibrant food.

Why not allow one food truck and one hot dog vendor on the strip each day between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.?

Check out what the main drag of Brooklyn Heights is missing right now:

Calexico: Yes you can get your fix on Pier 1 but who wants to walk that far?

Pizza Moto – Ok, the giant wood burning oven might be a little too much but…

Wafel and Dinges – Seriously superfantastic. AND WE CAN’T HAVE ANY!

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck – Yes you CAN have desert for lunch… unless you want to do that on Montague Street.

Any Red Hook Food Truck vendor – Anyone who has made the “trip” to Red Hook knows that everything there tops our local fare.

There are many more. What are your favorite food trucks?

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  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Promenade Princess,
    You go girl! I admire your tenacity.

  • Scrambler

    Food trucks would be great. Maybe then we could get some good food in the neighborhood. A lot of people praise Montague for how great it is. It is pretty cool if your not looking for food.

  • MapleWood

    This ‘poll’ is largely irrelevant as there’s no way to indicate who actually lives in the neighborhood or not. Nor is there a way to accurately verify that someone isnt voting twice. It’s easy to manipulate the results. That being said 3/1 results mean nothing as even if the results are not manipulated it doesnt mean any of those votes are from people that actually live in the neighborhood. And even if the poll were in the opposite direction, those that are in favor could use the same stance.

  • Yada

    They should just close Montague completely to traffic on weekends and allow a food and antique market. It would be so nice to stroll along the street and shop in the outdoors.

  • Hortense

    Here’s the reality of food trucks:

    They siphon money from businesses that pay rent. Rent is used by landlords to invest in buildings which constantly depreciate. Buildings are the responsibility of private individuals in our neighborhood. Food trucks while cool, are taxed and that money is centralized and ultimately much diluted before coming back to BH.

    We need to support local brick and mortar businesses otherwise Montague will have no chance of updating itself

  • PromGal

    The BH hot dog blog story has gone viral. Here on Serious Eats, a NY foodie blog. 

    From Serious Eater: “As far as the law is concerned, the residents were right. Montague Street between Court Street and the Promenade prohibits street food vendors  streets”. 
      After admitting food vendors aren’t permitted they go on to rail on for their mission. For Serious Eats, it is all about foodies and their “culture” wanting to “democratize” residential neighborhoods, and make them more like  3rd world (Asia). 

    They seem to be totally unaware of the narrow, already crowded streets and parking issues on side streets.


  • sajh

    does anyone realize that this site’s comment section is anonymous and thus, maybe just maybe someone purposefully misrepresented themselves as a BH resident to “troll” people into controversy? It is pretty amazing that Serious Eats will make a story based largely on what could be simply baiting trolls on a comments section of a blog.

  • epc

    It would be a mistake to believe that comments here are totally anonymous.

  • Mr. Crusty

    So Sajh you are suggesting that PromGal is a troll just trying to goad people with her outrageous comments such as her latest where she suggests that allowing a food truck or two would turn BH into an Asian 3rd World country?.

    You may have a point. Such a comment is not only ridiculously stupid it also has a tinge of racism. Could very well be troll bait as it is hard to imagine why a resident would make such an insulting comment.

  • PromGal

    @Mr Crusty
    You are beyond pathetic! If you had actually read the Serious Eats article, you would have read it was writer who mentioned having NY neighborhoods have more street food, like Asia.

    If you’re going to scream “racism” every other sentence, at least read what you are commenting on. But go right ahead- report me to the Human Rights Commission.

    As a resident of BH homeowner, and someone who strongly believes in, and is committed to the preservation of our architectural and cultural heritage, I take strong objection to your total disregard for the national historic landmarked distribution t you say you live in.

    Why don’t you do some research, and look up the history of landmark legislation, its purpose and origins?
    To start you off, it all started in Brooklyn Heights, which was the first historic landmarked district in the US. The idea spread rapidly,and now historic preservation groups have saved a lot of America’s cultural and architectural treasures that would have otherwise been

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Mr. Crusty,
    PromGal has been posting here for years but you’ve only just started posting recently and all of a sudden you act as though you are an expert on everything!!! It’s getting tiresome.

  • Arc

    Being from New York, you might be accustomed to the sketch nature of food carts. I applaud your intestines for digesting that stuff without resulting in a hospital visit.

    With that said…

    It’s quite simply summed up like this: The trucks and carts paid their taxes ($10,000 to lease a permit!?) and they made their investment. Let them operate their business as they see fit within the confines of law (not some organization made up of yesterdays generation.

  • yoohoo

    If Montague Street property owners (and others in the historic district) weren’t so greedy and lowered their rents, restaurateurs could invest more in the food they offer the public.

  • Mr. Crusty

    WillowStNeighbor: of course I know PromGal has been posting here for ages. My comment was tongue and cheek and in response to Sajh’s comment about trolls.

    I am not ot claiming to be an expert on anything but I do have opinions and I’m sorry if you feel them tiresome. You know what is great on this any any blog? You don’t have to read everone’s comments. Please feel free to skip over mine if they tire you.

    PromGal I am quite familiar with landmark preservation and I wholeheartedly support the efforts to retain the wonderful historical architectural treasures of BH. Where we disagree however on whether we want to make this some kind of Williamsburg where no food carts, hot dog vendors, bike share stands are allowed. I don’t think most BH residents want to live in a sterile historical museum as apparently you do. Judging from the (yes unscientific) poll, those that read this blog overwhelmingly agree with me on this small point.

    Also you keep saying “report me to the HRC if you think I am racist”. Another inane comment. There is no law against being racist. You can even say the most racist things imaginable on a blog and not be violating any law. You do understand that right? Now, if you acted on any racist impulse to in any way unlawfully discriminate againt anyone I would indeed report you in a heartbeat.

  • Neighbor Hood

    Homer/BHB – would you please tell me why my comments are being stuck in “moderation” and not posted? Thank you.

  • Neighbor Hood

    @sajh..Yup..this whole “controversy” and the threads “smelled fishy” from the get go.
    (Legal disclaimer- “smelled fishy is a commonly used phrase and carries with it no subtext of racism,elitism, sexism nor xenophobia, and there is no intension to imply, nor infer such. -the author).
    Lot’s of new handles popping up on the BHB all of a sudden like.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    PromGal, no reply to me teaching you the law??? You got kind of quiet after getting schooled.

  • William Spier

    I’m sort of ambivelant about food trucks and big menu carts in general; they ususally offer a not so healthy cuisine. Montague Street does not have the space demensions to introduce these things. Where is the benefit? Montague Street commerce and architecture should mirror the character and needs of the neighborhood. This neighborhood is stodgy, suburb like and filled with young families. Does it really need food vendors?