Subway Service Alerts: Weekend and Following Week

Once again, we are blessed for the weekend. There are no planned changes directly affecting any train’s service at any station in or near Brooklyn Heights. Those traveling back from Manhattan should know that Brooklyn bound F trains will not be stopping at 23rd or 14th streets. You can catch an uptown F at either station and ride it to 34th, where you can change to a Brooklyn train, or, more likely, use another nearby line. If you’re planning a trip to some far-flung place like da Bronx or Rockaway Beach (don’t forget: “Bus ride is too slow/ The guy’s got the disco on the radio”), you should consult The Weekender (there’s now even a Weekender app!). There is Fastrack trouble ahead for late night 2/3 train riders next week. More details after the jump.

Because of Fastrack work, there will be no service in either direction on 2 or 3 trains at Clark Street or Borough Hall Monday to Friday, 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. For the convenience of those traveling into Brooklyn, you can catch a 4 train at Borough Hall that will make all 2 train stops and will have its route extended to New Lots Avenue. Those traveling to or from Manhattan during those hours will need to use alternate routes, of which there are plenty.

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