‘Water On The Go’ Drinking Fountains Keep Brooklyn Bridge Park Green

New York’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) intends to utilize Brooklyn Bridge Park as a showcase for New York City’s pristine water supply in the battle against bottled water’s waste of plastic. Both Pier 1 and Pier 6 will offer its “Water On The Go” program, which will bring portable drinking fountains to the locale throughout the summer. The porta-sips will also pop up along the Borough Hall Plaza.

According to a story in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Water on the Go units pretty much resemble portable sinks with six nozzles, hooked up to a fire hydrant by a tube. There are also bowls for pets. A station was set up outside during the Brooklyn Historical Society Brooklyn Brewery Beer Gardens event May 30 in Brooklyn Heights, pictured here.

BBP President Regina Myer told the Eagle, “As a waterfront park, we pride ourselves on being a destination that offers something for everyone, and we’re happy to add the… park’s Water-on-the-Go station.” Brooklyn Bridge Park participated in Water-on-the-Go last year as well.

Read the full story at Brooklyn Daily Eagle here.

(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • mark

    Neat idea. Maybe in the future the DEP could address all the extra water that doesn’t get consumed and dumped into the street drains. A simple 55 gallon drum could collect it all, and then use the water for the plants in the park

  • my2cents

    Portable, AND Potable! It’s win/win!

  • Voice of Reason

    For starters, why doesn’t the DEP and the Dept of Parks FIX the countless water fountains that are broken all over the city?