Deceased Man’s Body Pulled From East River Below Brooklyn Heights

Local residents spotted a body floating in the East River below Brooklyn Heights Saturday morning. According to, rescuers responded to residents’ calls at 8:55 a.m. Saturday, and harbor crews from the NYPD recovered a body along the shoreline at Furman Street in the vicinity of Cranberry Street.

EMS responders at the scene attempted to resuscitate the man, who police said was in his 30s, but pronounced him dead at the scene. Police say it is unclear what led to the man’s death. They are conducting an investigation.


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  • GHB

    A body was pulled from the East River? Now THAT’S news… (rolls eyes)

  • David on Middagh

    I think GHB should stick to the NYT. I for one like the hyperlocal bloggery.

  • Mr Crusty

    GHB ? Why, you think it is a common occurrence? Oh, cynical New Yorkers.

  • Jorale-man

    Yikes, that’s right near the kayak launch point. I wonder how that’s doing this weekend.

    Not to make light of a tragedy but it does seem like a bit of a throwback to the bad old days.

  • Cynics

    It is amazing how jaded and dismissive some of the readers of this blog are to the death of a fellow human being. It is not just a body that was floating out there. It is evidence, and the end, of a life, a son, perhaps a brother or husband. Certainly there are those left behind to mourn the untimely passing of a loved one, whatever the circumstances. How do some of you look yourself in the mirror and not cringe at your callous, thoughtless demeanor?

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    Well said. I thought the same myself but was too disgusted to actually reply to the insensitive people who commented on the death of another human being.

  • GHB

    Cynics, it’s really just a reference to a good, old-fashioned mob hit. Lighten up. Were you also upset about the three “gentlemen” who were killed in a BMW last week up by Columbia?

  • She’s Crafty

    So do we have any information on the person and how they came to wash up on our shores? I run there in the morning and would hate to discover another. Hope it won’t become a fad.

  • beenthere

    Having been there when they pulled out the body all I am going to say is that there is quite a lack of decency by my fellow human beings. Yes, I am referring to you people with the big zoom lenses and the tourists taking pictures of the skyline with your wife to the left and the body on the boat to the right.

    Better get out of my way when I see you down there, “she’s crafty”. Would hate to run into you. You would spoil my day.

  • She’s Crafty

    ?? @beenthere, sorry you feel insulted.

  • Knight

    I probably wouldn’t use the same words as “me” but the 5:16pm post was the most coldly self-centered remark I’ve read in a while.

  • Scrambler

    This thread is over the top. To call someone a “major douchebag” on a blog is ridiculous.

  • She’s Crafty

    Sorry if I offended anyone. When I wrote my comment, the thread seemed to be in a snarky mood. Of course I care that someone lost their life! I may be bitchy sometimes (be fair: not all the time, even for those that dislike me) but that doesn’t mean I’m a bitch through and through.

  • Andrew Porter

    “Dead men tell no tales,” as “Pirates of the Carribean” at Disneyland intones through hidden loudspeakers. Any follow up?

    Personally, I would have left out the first two words in the headline. Redundant. I’m also not too happy with the “below BH” part, as with the build-out of BBP, that’s at least a hundred feet west of Cranberry.

  • Ara

    I was in Brooklyn the Sunday before this, taking photos from the Bridge Park at dawn, and saw a guy drowning in the river, being swept along by the current. Called 911, but they couldn’t find him.

    I was hoping someone pulled him out after he was carried out of my sight, before the NYPD boat got there, but I haven’t heard anything either way.

    I hope this isn’t the same guy – I guess not if this was six days later. But I wish I knew what happened to the man I saw.