Image Of The Day: Rooftop Retreat

While the world at large shares in the historic vistas of Brooklyn Heights from ground level, there’s an entire different viewpoint from the rooftops of our neighborhood residential buildings… offering a far-reaching panorama across the borough and beyond that is ours alone. This pic looks down upon the modest but still heavenly roof at 1 Montague Terrace (where poet W.H. Auden lived in 1939-1940).

(Top photo: Chuck Taylor/Bottom: lumierefl via Flickr)

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  • David on Middagh

    The silver roofs of Brooklyn Heights.

  • dodge

    That deck is not to legal code and I dont believe they have a permit for it. If I lived at that location, I probably would want the address redacted.

  • Andrew Porter

    Major change in NYC roof tops over the last few decades, as “tar beach” gives way to insulated and/or reflective coatings, to cut down on heating and cooling costs, and prevent the inside-of-an-oven feelings in the top floors of your building during the summer.

  • Maggie

    Andrew Porter: I’ve read that if more NYC rooftops were light colored, it would actually reduce the temperature in the city overall.

  • Adam C


    That was my birthday party. Don’t be a creeper. Next time just buzz up.