Karl Watches Shuttle Enterprise From The Promenade, Then Goes (Where Else?) To The Park

Mr. J., with cam on the Promenade, catches the Enterprise riding a barge on its trip into the Hudson and to its new permanent home at the Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum on Manhattan’s West Side. Heading up the Promenade, he takes a gander at the new swimming pool under construction near Pier 2. Knowing Karl’s love of Brooklyn Bridge Park, we’re not surprised that he then went down to Pier 1 for a break at the Wine Bar. See video after the jump.

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  • lois

    Thanks for another wonderful video, Karl. I was on the promenade when the Enterprise was flown in, but missed yesterday’s event. PS Did you hear one of the wings was slightly damaged on its way from JFK? Minor damage, but still… Also, thanks for the update on the pool and the great spot for a morning cup of coffee.