Peas n’ Pickles Completes Expansion With New Name: ‘All In One Mart’

As we reported in early May, Peas n’ Pickles at 79 Henry Street was expanding from a convenience store with produce into a full-fledged grocery, nearly doubling its size, with additional space opening behind the market in the space formerly occupied by Heights Kids on Pineapple Walk. The new digs offer a deli and hot & cold salad bar, as well as an expanded grocery and pharmacy section.

McBrooklyn reports that with move-in nearly complete, Peas has changed its name to “All In One Mart,” and installed a new, red awning to proclaim the change. Good luck getting that to stick. (How about Oh My Peas ‘n Pickles!)

(Photos: Brooklyn Heights Blog/Inset: Owner Jung Sook Lee/Brooklyn Eagle); Main: McBrooklyn

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  • AEB

    What’s in a name, indeed! I welcome the bigger store; what now is is, in my opinion, already an improvement on the old space, despite its abbreviated veg section.

    Do most of my grocery shopping hear–it’s become, over time, an indispensable go-to. Wish it/them the best of luck. And, yes, it will always be Peas ‘n’ Pickles to me and I suspect most other locals.

  • David on Middagh

    All In One Mart, Inc., eh? The expansion is welcome; the name is self parodying. Haven’t local businesses learned that they should float names at the BHB before deploying?

  • GHB

    It’ll always be Peas N’ Pickles. Nice alternative to neighboring Gristedes

  • AEB

    Yes, David, that should produce instantaneous consensus.

    Actually, I think we CAN all agree that the name should’ve contained the word Diva…

  • Luke C

    Just like my proposal for Squibb-Yauch Park, I propose we call it All Peas n’ One Pickle Mart.

  • Heightser

    Very happy to see them expand, but the sign UGH. Could it be any uglier? Between that and the windows at Michael Towne, the strip looks awful.

  • Homer Fink

    I submit to you Notstedes.

  • Jorale-man

    It kind of reminds after 9/11 when deli owners started buying awnings with patriotic slogans and American flags. They all kind of looked like they came from the same wholesale distributor. I imagine Pickles & Peas got this awning at a cut-rate price because it had a generic name. The question is, will their re-branding extend to other parts of the store?

  • Jorale-man

    Oops, I meant Peas ‘n’ Pickles. I guess the new name is working already on me!

  • AEB

    Excellent, Homer. The only good ‘stedes, other than a Deadstedes, is a Nostedes, as you point out.

    (I’m putting aside, for now, the possibility of a Divastedes….)

  • Joe

    I prefer Peas N Pickles. Very unique, catchy and alliterative.
    Besides I love pickles.

    This awning and King Tutt signage should compete for ugliest signage in BH.

  • Joe

    “The only good ‘stedes, other than a Deadstedes, is a Nostedes”

    got my daily laugh.

  • WillowtownCop

    I was in the Peas N’ Pickles in Dumbo the other night. The sign there is much more permanent.

  • Bob R.

    Isn’t that big ugly new sign any kind of violation in the Heights historic district?

  • Ellie

    The sign and name must go….but please bring back the fruit and vegetables….I’ve missed them the last few weeks.

  • Wrennie

    Why would they reduce their produce selection so much? (And why are their avocados always in the refrigerated section? It’s terrible and wrong.) If anything, I think people are more and more into fresh produce. As much as I love Peas & Pickles, I think I might need to find a new store, if they don’t up their produce selection again.

  • AEB

    Wrennie, the store will reopen its former space, which it is now in the process of renovation, and connect it to the now-space.

    Though I don’t have an up-close-and-intimate relationship with P N’ P’s–sorry, One Stop Mart Inc.’s–owner for verification, I’ll wager that the fresh produce selection will return in abundance.

  • GHB

    If they have to change the name, how about OH MY PEAS N’ PICKLES!

  • Esteban

    Peas and Pickle was one of the worst shopping experiences I’ve had as a Heights resident. The Manager was consistently rude and nasty about produce that spoiled soon after purchase. The counter people were disinterested at best and anything that was said to be fresh, probably wasn’t. The sad thing is there is not really a better option in the nabe. I’d rather pay zipcar 14 bucks to go to Fairway than ever shop at whatever they call this place again. Stay away my friends.

  • Andrew Porter

    Bob R., the east side of Henry Street is not in the BH landmarked area—hence the enormous towers on that side of the street, and all the post-1965 construction (when the BH was landmarked).

    Yes, and I too think the new name is totally stupid. Imagine throwing away decades of branding in favor of this forgettable name. What could they have been thinking?

  • 60 pineapple

    I think they may have bought out the percentage that susan still owned. she owns the peas and pickles in dumbo and used to own all of the heights store which would force the owner to change the name when she sold out her share.

  • Maggie

    My mother-in-law called it Pickle & Schmickle once–literally, one single time–and that name has stuck like Krazy Glue in my house. I imagine the produce section will come back once the expansion is complete.