Peas n’ Pickles Cultivates Two-Fold Expansion

Peas n’ Pickles grocery at 79 Henry Street has begun expansion to nearly double its current size, with additional space opening behind the market (in the space formerly occupied by Heights Kids, as noted by BHB regular Andrew Porter back in February) on Pineapple Walk. Owner Jung Sook Lee told the Brooklyn Eagle that the newly enlarged digs will offer a deli and hot & cold salad bar. A night manager on duty Wednesday evening also told BHB that an expanded grocery and pharmacy section will be included.

Goods from the original store have been moved into the bright and airy new locale while the original market is renovated, which is expected to take about two months.

(Photos: Brooklyn Heights Blog/Inset: Brooklyn Eagle)

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  • AEB

    I was in the store yesterday–groceries were being transferred from front to “back,” and and for a moment I felt completely disoriented.

    But the expansion is long overdo and, to me, extremely welcome. Paramount among its virtues: a kindly professional staff. The whole enterprise is the reverse of its cynically pocketbook-busting neighbor to the south, which shall, because there may be children present, go unnamed.

  • Josh G

    Hooray! I like this place and am glad to hear they are expanding. I feel accomplished when I can find what I need here and skip Gristedes.

    Hey Gristedes – when Garden of Eden sells something for almost 1/2 your price, it’s time to ask yourself who prices your merch.

  • nicky215

    Now how about getting some good help in peas and pickles. I bought flowers there for thanksgiving and they died the same day when I went back the manager was rude and would not exchange them

  • heatherlearr

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  • JP

    Just saw the new P&P veranda awning sign… somebody please tell me what “SUSH” is? Does anyone proof read these things before printing and installing?

  • Lenbee

    Chuck T., Your objective, clear, to- the -point , perky writing style has given new life to the BHB, thank you!

  • Wrennie

    I love love love this place. Glad to hear they’re expanding.

  • Soulman

    I agree with the above positive comments. I live in the building that contains Gristerdes and haven’t set foot in it for at least a year after the terrible service and lousy prices drove me away. I found one pickle product that was three times the price of the tea store on Henry and Atlantic – not known for its discounts.

  • GHB

    Tide detergent (don’t remember the size) is $24.99 at Gristede’s! It’s around $16.99 at Key, CVS, etc. for the same size. That’s criminal!
    The new P&P will be more like their DUMBO store, which is really nice.

  • Monty

    Who the hell shops at Gristedes and what is wrong with them? I am actually a bit disappointed the P&P is expanding its to-go food service instead of going full grocery with loads of fresh produce. I will still gladly shop there for basics.

  • Wrennie

    Actually, I agree with Monty–they could definitely expand their fresh produce. That’s mainly what I go in for anyway, and I do have to confess that I often hop on the 2/3 to the Tribeca Whole Foods to get some more “exotic” produce.

  • Luke C

    Hooray, glad to hear their business is going well. I agree that I hope the expansion allows more groceries and not just MREs. I worked above DUMBO P&P for 3 years, shopped their daily but never once ate from the buffet. Maybe the EHS students will be less picky. Either way, I hope the owners make the most profitable decision that ensures we have a N. Heights alternative to Gristede’s.

  • shamrock

    I welcome the expansion, somebody in the North Heights needs to give Gristedes a run for their money.

  • Maura Marlin

    The people who work there are very nice!

  • Greedy Gristede

    This is so awesome, I hope Gristide goues out of business. Supposedly the owner of Gristedes is a mult millionaire. From stealing little old ladies SS money to by overpriced food. He know the elderly that live in those towers nearby can t get around to go elsewhere and he soaks them as well as everyone else.


  • David on Middagh

    GG: Billionaire.

  • maria


    I agree, remember when it burned up? I was hoping Peas and Pickles could take it over then…