And More This Weekend: Flavors Of Lebanon Festival

This weekend: The “Flavors Of Lebanon” festival takes place Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3 in the heart of Brooklyn Heights from noon-6 p.m., each day. Featured alongside plenty of Lebanese & Middle Eastern food will be live music, spinning DJs, games, competitions and a bazaar.

Also in the mix: A “folkloric” dance troupe “guaranteed to leave you on your feet, stomping to the beat.” The place: Remsen Street between Henry and Clinton streets. Sponsored by Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral in Brooklyn. For information, call 718-624-7228.

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  • Knight

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I will give it a try tomorrow. If this is a fund raiser for the Cathedral, I wish them well.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I will be leaving my apartment for the evening and tomorrow afternoon, too. The music is just toooooooooooo loud — drums, singing, announcements so loud that they go from the front of the apartment to the back.

    Folks, never move near religious institutions — noisy celebrations abound. Too bad community boards won’t limit the decibles.

    Have a great celebration, enjoy the food, make money — but, please consider your neighbors!

  • Emily

    While I enjoy the festival, the music is toooo loud!!!! I am home sick this weekend and would love some peace and quiet, but the music is blaring. I understand its a street fair, but it’s just a tad too loud, and I wish we could complain to someone. I would love a weekend of peace and quiet after the week I’ve had. I just want to be home sleeping and the noise is just too much. I hope they shut it down at a certain hour and it ends early tomorrow.

  • BH’er

    the sound system was unbelievably loud this afternoon – I know we live in nyc, but that was really excessive

    glad I don’t live on Remsen St this weekend! sorry guys!

  • Mr Crusty

    Agreed the sound system was incredibly loud. It was physically painful to be there with the sound the way it was.

    You say the festival ends at 6pm each night.. Not true, they were there much later than that last night.

  • PromGal

    The Lebanese Church Fair was a huge disappointment this tear, and we didn’t stay very long because of the unbearably loud music.
    The downside was the food is no longer home made by the parishioners, but mostly catered. It was acceptable, but not as good.
    Another observation was the large numbers of women helping out who barely spoke English; an indication to me that they are recent refuges fleeing the persecution of Christians in Lebanon.
    On the upside, it was a pleasure to see men and women sitting together at tables enjoying food, wine, and beer, and to see young girls and guys dancing together, people of all ahem in fact.
    Nary a burqa in sight!
    To the Remsen Street neighbors: this is a once a year event.
    Give them a break, but I do agree, ask to lower the decibels on the music.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    PromGal — We ask them to lower the decibels and they ignore us, as do the police who just say, “They have a permit.” Why can’t people understand that we on Remsen Street have plenty of consideration for the festival, it’s they who have no consideration for the residents.