Roof Cornice Breaks Off At 7 Old Fulton Street

Our faithful videographer & correspondent Karl Junkersfeld was on the scene on the Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO border as a piece of the roof cornice at 7 Old Fulton Street—which houses a restaurant by the same name and has apartments above—collapsed onto the street, at 12:45 Monday afternoon. Fortunately, no one was injured. Karl notes that a similar incident recently took place at Grimaldi’s Pizza up the street. See his 1:21-minute report below.
YouTube link is here.
(Below: Before the incident. Photo from Flickr)

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  • Heightsman

    Can’t be surprised. That block has long been neglected by the owners. Could really be nice with a little rehab (or a lot).

  • lori

    Has the DOB come yet to erect a scaffold around the building? That’s what happened at 25 Pierrepont Street when a much smaller piece broke off. Needless to say, the scaffold is still there and no work has been done yet.

  • stuart

    Bad city policy that prohibits all residential use on that street coupled with crazy anti-everything Fulton Ferry Landing Association has resulted in this sad situation. This row of fine Greek revival loft buildings are largely empty, neglected and near collapse. Proposals for rehabilitating the buildings and adding modest penthouse additions have brought forth scathing venom from the community poisoning any chance that anyone in their right minds would invest here. Pathetic situation. City Planning should be ashamed of themselves as should the Fulton Ferry Landing Association for doing everything in their power to thwart the private sector from investment in these buildings.

  • stuart

    I want to add that if it had not been for the efforts of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the DOB would have demolished several of these building two years ago. Now we will see, after this latest collapse, if the LPC can continue to keep the DOB at bay. It is in no way a sure thing.

  • C.

    Imagine if they had sidewalk seating. Yikes.

  • fultonferryres

    @Stuart You are so misinformed, I don’t know where to start.

  • Andrew Porter

    Stuart, yes, the Eagle Warehouse Building, just across the street, does not contain any apartments, and remains an empty ruin. Same for building that houses Finucci’s. Gee, why is my nose getting longer (pinnochio reference)?

  • fultonferryres

    Chuck – our neighborhood has a name – Fulton Ferry, not Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo border. We were designated a historic district in 1977.

  • yoohoo

    Horror, I pass these buildings at least three times a week on my way home from Brooklyn Bridge Park. And what if Grimaldi’s were still in its old haunts, with a line of people on the sidewalk waiting to get in!

  • fultonferryres

    Karl – what was the incident at 1 Front Street that you mentioned? None of the folks in FF that I checked with are aware of another cornice failure.
    @yoohoo The longest line at the old Grimaldi’s extended to the open space at #9, so they would most likely not have been hit by falling material from the left side of #7.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    After passing by 7 Fulton I went to Grimaldi’s for pizza and the manager, possibly his daughter, said the same thing happened to them recently. (last week, I presume). You can ask her for the details.