SUV Crashes into Building at Henry & Remsen Streets

Henry Street is currently closed to traffic and pedestrians at Remsen Street as Police investigate how an SUV apparently backed into a building scaffold and damaged the brick wall at Henry and Hunts Lane. The scaffolding is hanging precipitously, and will presumably need to be stabilized before the crash site can be examined. Mrs. Qfwfq tells us that no one in the vehicle—a family of three—or on the street, were injured.

More photos after the jump.

Photos for BHB by Chris and Mrs. Qfwfq.

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  • BH’er

    parking in the Heights just keeps getting harder and harder… hope no one is hurt!

  • lori

    Another one? Same thing happened on Pierrepont and Willow a few weeks ago. How do we keep cars off the sidewalks? Yesterday I witnessed TWO incidences of local people driving dangerously just to get a parking spot. At 8:15 in the morning, as kids were going to school, a red SUV went down Pierrpont Place the wrong way in order to snag a parking spot on Remsen Street. In the afternoon, a black car made a dangerous U-turn on the same street, Pierrepont between Willow and Columbia Hts to snag a spot in front of his building on Columbia Hts. I know both drivers, they saw me witness their actions, but they still did it.

  • Steven P.

    Drivers in this city are TERRIBLE. Why won’t the NYPD do anything about the dangerous stuff they do all the time?!?!?

  • TK

    A friend and I were walking under the scaffolding when it happened. The family inside seemed to be okay, though shaken. The SUV was completely out of control, as though jammed in reverse with no breaks. It appeared to be a scary mechanical problem.

  • A math major


    If you know who they are, why don’t you shame them publicly by naming them here?

  • Eric

    TK, “scary mechanical problem” = driver stomped on wrong pedal.

  • T.K. Small

    “TK” please consider this a cease and desist request. I have put a great deal of effort into becoming “T.K.” and consider your use of these two letters as an infringement of implied intellectual copyrighted/trademark materials. Of course, a licensing agreement could be negotiated.

    The real “T.K.”

  • Eddyenergizer

    “as though jammed in reverse with no breaks” Not likely. My guess is the driver confused the accelerator for the brake, a common occurrence, especially when backing up.

  • stuart

    city drivers are terrible because they only rarely drive and because many learn to drive late in life. They also have no idea how to drive in reverse. It’s like a cognitive handicap.

  • Steven P.

    I guess the NYPD were too busy cracking heads at Occupy Wall Street. Or maybe they were in Prospect Park ticketing cyclists.

  • BH’er

    Steven P. – how, exactly, would you like the NYPD to address the issue of bad drivers taking out scaffolding? what actions could they take to address this problem?

    these accidents would be much more welcome if they resulted in the scaffolds being removed (rather than rebuilt). which happens to be my preference for the structure at Willow & Pierrepont (which has not seen a day of use or single work crew since its construction)

    drive carefully peoples!

    btw, the driver could have been from Minnetonka, for all we know. does it say anywhere that an inexperienced city driver was the culprit?

    sounds more like someone desperate for a RPP program to me! ;

  • TK

    Of course it could have been a pedal confusion problem, but it seemed to go on for too long to be so. He started off across and down the street. Either way, it is lucky nobody was seriously hurt. Also, I do not know who they are…nor would I “shame them publicly.”

    T.K. Small — I’ll have my lawyer contact your lawyer. I’m sure we can work something out.

  • T.K. Small

    At least we are negotiating…

  • Eddyenergizer

    Sure there are bad drivers here as there are everywhere but to say “City drivers are terrible” is a ridiculous generalization. In my experience, having driven in almost every state and many cities, New York driver are some of the best. Don’t confuse aggressive driving style for bad driving.

  • GHB


    I agree with a math major. You should publicly shame these idiots before they run over an innocent pedestrian.

  • stuart

    in the old days, dizzy Brooklyn drivers could reverse onto a sidewalk without too much worry. Pedestrians can usually scurry out of the way in time. But today everywhere you turn, or back up, there’s a sidewalk scaffold. Those things are public hazards.

  • Joe Harper

    Anyone who drives aggressively in a city filled with pedestrians is by definition a bad driver.

  • Regina

    so stuart where are you from, callin’ us brooklyn drivers dizzy? and what’s wrong with scaffolds, i guess you’d rather have a brick upside your head?

  • epc

    Do not feed attention to the troll.

  • summitst

    at BH’er – I’m from Minnetonka…such a funny reference. My boss lives in the building that got hit. My first thought was the driver must have been drunk. the car smashed *through* the brick wall and into the back garden of his apartment, which you can’t see from these pics. although 11am with your kids in the car doesn’t lend to that theory, hopefully. thank god no kids were on that sidewalk!

  • stuart

    some of you have to lighten up.

  • DIBS

    A lot of these comments are really moronic. It’s too bad we have to live among jackasses like some of you.

  • Nabeguy

    Well, there’s one good thing. It’s not in the bike lane!