Love Lane Garage: Bad Tipper or Bad Service?

Posted by “whitbo” on Brooklyn Record message board: :: View topic – Love Lane Garage I’ve been parking my car at the Love Lane garage for two years now and am amazed at the poor level of service I recieve. As an example, I asked, and paid, to get the car washed, and they didn’t get around to it for a month! I was really pissed but didn’t want to get into a fight with them because I was worried what would happen to my car. Do others tip every time you get your car? I don’t and am wondering if that’s the probelm. I’m not inlcined to start though. Thoughts?

Well, Whitty (can we call you Whitty?) wethinks that a Jefferson or a Hamilton a month as a token of appreciation for the guys in Love Lane Garage would go a long way.  Considering that you probably have deep pockets, we’d hazard to guess that wouldn’t dent your summer Zinfindel budget.

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