Rosa Rugosa Returns

This past Wednesday your correspondent took his customary walk around Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and got this photo of Rosa rugosa in bloom again. With luck, they’ll be around through November. As reader Stuart noted in a comment then: “[T]he rugosas are tough as nails. They can take anything, even salt. [T]he rose hips they produce are the ones used in pharmacology.”

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  • Heightsguy

    I thought this was an Italian chef who had returned to Armando’s

  • stuart

    My favorites are the redwoods and the bald cypress, they look like evergreens but are deciduous. They’re back. It’s nice to see.
    Has anyone spotted Dodger, the muskrat yet?

  • Hicks on Hicks

    We haven’t met Dodger but have seen some rats

  • stuart

    no no no, not rats. muskrat. he is a much more upstanding and noble citizen.

  • Martin L

    You are right about their toughness. They are favored plantings along America’s highways making great small animal and bird sanctuaries but, more to the point, they are virtually crash resistant. They stop speeding cars and trucks, too.