Squibb Park Bridge Begins Build-Out

Construction has begun in earnest on the Squibb Park Bridge that will connect Brooklyn Heights from Columbia Heights across Furman Street to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier One. It was a month ago that we first noted fencing being opened up for its first stage of build-out. The Squibb bridge is slated for completion this summer. Brownstoner provides this updated photo of the progress. See rendering below.

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  • Villager

    I still think it’s silly that it will turn to the north toward pier 1, instead of south to provide a more central entry point. By my guesstimation, the walking distance from the Squibb Park gate to the end of the ramp will be farther than if you just walked down the Columbia hill and took a left on Doughty due to the switchbacks. Granted, the slope will be more gradual and one will not have to cross Furman with the cars and busses.
    Maybe someday in the future it can be forked with a spur to the south.

  • BH’er

    there really needs to be a bridge somewhere closer to the middle of the park. even with the squibb bridge, you have to walk way north or way south to get over there.

    it’s a good mile from mid-heights up-and-around to the middle piers

  • yoohoo

    The Squibb Park pedestrian bridge will touch down between the two development parcels (future home of hotel and residential complex).

    The future Field House farther south along Furman Street will at the least require bus access to that section of the future park segment.

  • Rick

    I thought the same thing – it really does seem as if taking the present route down the hill will be easier than walking back & forth down the ramps to Squibb Park, and then taking that meandering route over the bridge!

    I looked at the rendering on the fence outside Squibb Park, and unless I am mis-reading it, it looks as though it goes between the existing small brick building and the BQE. Is this right? If so, it seems like an unpleasant walk close to noisy high-speed traffic. I understand it needs to go between the future buildings, but this doesn’t seem so great, hope I am wrong…

  • Promenade Princess

    Way back when, there was talk of a perfect plan to link Brooklyn Bridge Park from the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade, which would be an ideal entry point once that part of the Park is complete.

    It was hastily nixed by Mayor Bloomberg when the city took over funding. He probably decided to devote the money to his Nanny State obsession of making sure New Yorkers can’t smoke outside, inside or within the borders of NYC.

  • x

    waste of time and public funds imo.

  • Orange Oscar

    Foolish to have it so far north and to have it turn north too. Who decided this was the way to do things? At least there is a good chance it will be reconstructed again when the hotel building(s) go in. Maybe private enterprise will do it right.

  • Brooklyn Tea

    A big waste of money.