Calling 311: Mangled Street Sign Remains For Months

Despite repeated calls to 311 since the beginning of March, a mangled street sign at the high-profile corner of Montague Street & Montague Terrace in Brooklyn Heights remains a disreputable eyesore.

Whether a keen example of psychokinesis (think spoon bending) or a careless truck turning the corner, this signage, which marks one of the Promenade’s grand entrances, merits repair. If anyone else cares to rally, I’d be thrilled for a 311 blitz from Heights’ residents. My attempts have obviously amounted to nothing. Power of the people!

(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • epc

    Good luck…the City seems to have a hands–off policy for landmark district street signs. DOT points to LPC, LPC points to the Landmarks Preservation Foundation. DUMBO has been without signage since it was landmarked (surprisingly no one has volunteered to pay for new street signage).

  • Nick Goddard

    COME ON GUYS! You’re complaining to 311 about this rather than fixing it yourself? Honestly, how hard can it be to climb up there and bend it back yourself rather than having the city pay a few hundred dollars to fix it. It’d certainly take less time than photographing it and writing a blog post about it.

    Tell you what, Chuck—I’ll fix it for you on my way home tonight.

  • John

    Right on, Nick!

  • Ben

    This is pretty pathetic.

    1. It’s a bent street sign. Hardly “disreputable”. Get your priorities straight, please.

    2. If it makes you this mad, do it yourself. Yes, someone bears responsibility for maintaining this sign, but they also have responsibility for maintaining hundreds of thousands if not millions of similar signs across the city–many, maybe even most of which are in worse shape than this one. If you can’t deal with looking at a bent street sign (quelle horreur!) for a few months, you’d better be prepared to get a ladder out.

  • q

    so Nick.. did you fix it?

  • Arch Stanton

    Looks like, Someone is showing signs of OCD.

  • nystrele

    So to whomever FIXED THE SIGN, thanks! call me naive, but would it have been repaired had i not complained here? i think not… i always figured if i got anywhere near that street sign, nanny mayor bloomberg would have helicopters landing en masse with an arrest warrant for touching city property. thanks again, wise guys.

  • Adrastos

    ugh, a sign is bent.

    who would really even give a rats ass.

  • x

    I wouldn’t call 311 over this.

  • hicks st guy

    I think there’s also another pizzeria coming on Atlantic, not far from Sahadi’s, if I remember correctly. Good luck to Della Rocco’s!

  • Mr Complainypants

    Hey Nick, it’s still a little crooked. can you see if you can get it any straighter? Also cracked sidewalk on henry st, looks dangerous – can you see if you can do anything about it? thanksomuch!

  • Chuck Taylor

    i wonder if some of you folks would be as ribald if you revealed your real names here? come on, gimme a break… its’ not like i smacked your mama. the sign is fixed: mission accomplished! smiles all around, please.

  • Arch Stanton

    It would make no difference at all.

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    I took a really bad fall on Willow St. when I first moved to the Heights. I broke my wrist in four places. That same sidewalk is still raised up a few inches as are quite a few of the sidewalks in this neighborhood. Also, there are large potholes right beneath that bent sign and I happened to take a fall after stepping into one of them. Those potholes have been there for many years.
    The problem is that no one seems to be in any great hurry to fix things here and I wonder why.

  • Eddyenergizer

    WSN, Sidewalk hazards and potholes are good reasons to call 311. The city is responsible for fixing the potholes but the building owners are responsible for fixing the sidewalk in front of their property. The city will issue a citation to building owners with sidewalk violations.

  • yeah

    hahaha! this is exactly the kind of post that makes me not miss BH

  • WillowtownCop

    I would find this more amusing if people did not call 911 over such things. I personally have responded to: there is a ring stuck on my finger, there is a bug in my house, we had an argument, my child doesn’t want to go to school, this person stinks, there are deaf people signing in the hallway, there are ghosts in my apartment, etc.

  • Heightsguy

    Willowtown Cop, doubt your weapons would have any effect on paranormal activity, but you are right that it is a waste of law enforcement to have to respond to such issues. Perhaps the 911 system should not be configured to send you for the bug, ring, ghost, deaf person.

    Bent sign beef is classic BH. raised sidewalk is legit concern for elderly/disabled.