BBP Fieldhouse Donor Presentation: Tuesday May 1

The proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park Fieldhouse donor organization has scheduled a presentation to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Citizens Advisory Council (CAC), which is open to the general public. It will take place Tuesday, May 1, at 7 p.m. at 334 Furman Street (corner of Joralemon Street)

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  • stuart

    I hope the new building will have a beautiful green roof.
    Tearing down the existing ramshackle eyesore will in itself be a huge aesthetic plus for the park and its surrounding communities.

  • Luke C

    Well, I take back my earlier enthusiasm for the facility, sounds like it’s more for events than participation.

  • mlo

    Wow this really sucks

  • Park Lover

    And parking goes where…..? 2500 seats is nothing to sneeze at!

  • mlo

    ….So pay up or shut up….

  • Peter

    what’s with the cycling crap who wants to ride in circles for hours. it smells like some pro cycling company is masquerading as a non-profit in order to get a venue.

  • Peter

    so doing a little research…this is basically the donation of a wealthy guy who inherited all his money and has a cycling interest so wants to mold the park into his own fantasy cycling hub. give the money back. philanthropy is supposed to be about you! especially when it wasn’t even earned by you!!!

  • Peter