New Mamet Film Hits Heights

William H. Macy stars along with David Mamet regular Joe Mantegna in an adaptation of the playwright's 1982 one act play, "Edmund".

Stephen Holden of the New York Times writes:

14edmo-300.jpg“Edmond,” adapted by Mr. Mamet, still wields a verbal tire iron. Its taunting insistence that everyone is racist, voiced in abrasive, staccato Mamet-speak, leaves you feeling battered and vaguely guilty. In the early 1980’s its epithets, aimed at women, gays and especially blacks, sounded like the playwright’s spit-in-your-face response to a climate of rigid political correctness, which has since softened. But even now they hurt.

The play, with its incendiary language and its merciless portrait of a 47-year-old nebbish who embraces his own worst nightmares of racial and sexual subjugation, is really a surreal spiritual fable that riffs on a notion voiced by Edmond that every fear hides a wish. Mr. Mamet shows no interest in offering a tidy psychological explanation for Edmond’s behavior. Hurled at you like a knife, the movie is as reasonable as a panic attack.

One caveat, the Hollywood Reporter warns that the R-rated "Edmund" is for "hardcore Mamet fans only".

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