Heights History: The Brooklyn Waterfront 30 Years Ago

While this photograph from the U.S. Library of Congress’ digitized collection may not be in color, who doesn’t recall the powder blue warehouses that lined the Brooklyn Heights waterfront below the Promenade? Progress on Brooklyn Bridge Park may seem sluggish, but things have certainly changed, haven’t they? (Photo: Jet Lowe, 1982)

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  • knitwit

    Wnen I was a little girl (am an old lady now), but in the 1950’s, before the Cadman Plaza and houses, near the Brookyn Bridge entrance, I remember the light manufactuirng warehouses. On in particular: HOWARD CLOTHING. The radio jiggle still in my head: “I’m the little Howard label and as proud as proud to be, to be placed in every garmet in the Howard factory.”

  • Andrew Porter

    The immense “Howard Clothing” building sign was visible from the BQE, and the building was (is?) north of the Manhattan Bridge. I believe the building was where the Norden Bomb Sight, the aiming device in the B-17, B-29, etc., was built during WW2.