Mr. J. Checks Out Le Pain Quotidien on Montague

How does Karl love LPQ? Let him count the ways…. Video after the jump.

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  • AEB

    Furniture imported from Belgium! Formidable! Naw, a welcome addition….

  • Flashlight Worthy

    FYI, the cool kids avoid the pitfalls of the complicated name by calling it “LPQ”.

  • stuart

    Very nice.
    It is refreshing to get away from the “Heights bashing” on other blogs.
    This new place looks great, I wish it well.

  • David on Middagh

    I love the pronunciation guide!

  • She’s Crafty

    OMG @BoerumBilly, I have always said that about Brussels in particular. Lace and the Mannequin Piss, big whoop. But I’m psyched to try this place. I saw a woman eating a delicious salad today sitting outside.

  • MPC

    Went there yesterday. A bucket of soapy water sitting on a wine cooler stand was knocked over by the waiter. The water spilled all over my purse and my friends shoes, socks and pants. This is the water they use to clean the tables so it wasnt exactly clean. All the manager said was “move to another table” – no apology, no free coffee – zero! The waiter didnt even do anything! Come on, that is like Restaurant 101. I didnt want to make a big deal since it was crowded & we were in a hurry – but I wont be going back.

  • BKNYNative

    Went the night of 4/16, swung by to pick up some quiche for dinner. Nice service and the quiche including a side salad with an awesome pesto sauce was top notch. Only concern is that the prices were a significant notch above what I was expecting (I was thinking Pret a Mange pricing).

  • Victor Rivera

    There are only two pluses this store has it is kept clean and is a slightly better breakfast option on the weekends, compared to a sanitation dump like Happy days, plaza, empire bagels. I ate fresh fruit salad with organic granola & yogurt parfait with the pot of coffee.
    It was decent but not good enough for the $ I paid close to $15.00 that is on the steep side. You half to know what to order Quotedien is really expensive for the portions and quality they sell. I had some other food that was OK but not awesome.

  • Joel Vinson

    I will be fair about this, gave this cafe a few chances before I stopped coming back here. I feel when I walk into a store and see an empty table I would like to be able to sit myself down. The sign that says you will be seated shortly by a server is kind of silly. I had the shrimp tasted kind of stale. It took a while to get a refill for my coffee pot. It also took almost half an hour to be seated. I also tried the yogurt to me it is the same as regular yogurt don’t know why everyone believes they have organic stuff tasted the tea and there coffee it felt regular to me not organic stick to the diners from now on.