Apartment Therapy Looks at Brooklyn Heights Couple’s Digs

Brooklyn Heights’ Remsen Street residents “Kim and George” get the full-on lookey loo treatment from home design site Apartment Therapy this week:

Apartment Therapy: With hard work and dedication their home has been transformed into a welcoming space that showcases both of their personalities and is well equipped as a hub for friends and parties.

Clearly this pair is never afraid to do things themselves and many items from around their home elicit DIY stories. One such example is a pair of stump side tables. After seeing a similar set that they both admired, they decided to try their hand at putting together a pair themselves. After a visit to a Massachusetts farm and a trip to the hardware store, they built a pair. This is the type of creativity and openness to working on projects together that make their place a home.

While their design aesthetic is relatively minimalist, the selective decor that they have on display are pieces that have personal meaning to them. In the entry, a painting by Kim’s grandmother welcomes guests while a framed posted of Endless Summer, a wedding gift from Kim to George, adds a pop of color.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

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