Nabe Author Frankel on The New Happy

The NY Daily News reports today on nabe author Valerie Frankel‘s new book Thin is the New Happy:

New York Daily News: This Week’s…: She was 11, living in Short Hills, N.J., when her fat-phobic mother forced her on the scales and then burst into tears when it registered 100 pounds. The family was going on a Club Med vacation, and her mother wasn’t about to be embarrassed by a chubby daughter in a two-piece.

So a six-week diet was instituted, and at the end there were tears again. Valerie was down to only 88 pounds.

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  • val

    Wow, a shout out on my favorite blog! This is fabulous. Thanks, Homer!

  • nabeguy

    I don’t know why it took me this long to connect the dots but I just realized that I, in fact, work on some of Ms Frankel’s books as the production director for NAL. I guess that means I should thank her for helping to keep a roof over my head. Thanks.