For Fourth Year, Macy’s Says Nope To July 4th Fireworks Over Brooklyn

Once again, Macy’s has decided that its annual 4th of July Fireworks spectacular will entertain viewers along the Hudson River facing New Jersey, rather than the West River toward the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

A public rally Monday from elected Kings County officials and neighborhood leaders from Brooklyn’s waterfront communities gathered a collective voice to show disdain over the NYC-based department store’s ongoing snub. In 2009, Macy’s relocated its Independence Day tradition to the Hudson to commemorate Henry Hudson’s exploration of the waterway 400 years ago—and has kept it there ever since.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron (D–Brooklyn Heights), declared, “The New York City firework show should be city-wide. Right now, New Jersey gets to enjoy the fireworks while Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx are left out of the party. That is simply unacceptable.”

As The Brooklyn Paper reports, “Brooklynites can’t fathom why a borough with a booming waterfront that could boast perfect views of rockets red glare from Red Hook to Greenpoint—not to mention acres of new parkland ideal for fireworks-gazing at Brooklyn Bridge Park—keeps seeing its July 4 dreams go up in smoke.”

Doreen Gallow, executive director of the DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance, added, “It is long overdue that the Fourth of July fireworks return home to the Brooklyn Bridge, an iconic setting that typifies the spirit of July 4 and represents the unity of NYC.”

Macy’s response is the same as last year: It says the current location isn’t set in stone. “Exclusively limiting the show to any particular area would greatly hinder the creative freedom that has made it the nation’s best and largest Independence Day display,” said spokesman Orlando Veras. “Macy’s Fireworks will continue to take place in and around all of New York City’s waterways, and will not be a permanent fixture in any one location.”

Boom… hiss…

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  • Hortense

    Simple, we ban Macy’s – oh wait a minute, they suck and brooklynites don’t go there. But New Jersey people do! Ok, now I get it

  • She’s Crafty

    Where’s loudmouth Marty on this one? He could really raise a stink about it if he chose.

  • GHB

    Unless there’s an opportunity for him to stuff his cakehole, I don’t see Marty getting involved.

  • PromGal

    Yes, we will really miss out on the invasion of hordes who camp out on the Promenade all day with their cook stoves, bongos, and mega radios.
    Will also miss the break in attempts at buildings which have had to post a guard by the locked door to keep them from breaking in to get to the building’s roof garden.
    The mountains of trash will also be missed, and the smashed windows on Montague Street where most restaurants close early to avoid the swarms coming out if the subways and buy nothing.
    It’s a shame, but Brooklyn Heights is no longer the quiet residential enclave it once was. Things have changed, and not for the better!

  • ujh

    PromGal, you forgot to include Brooklyn Bridge Park and the $$$ it would take to restore it.

  • Mark


    You forgot about the hordes of zombies, and frogs falling from the sky. Relax, just take a deep breath. It is going to be ok.

  • She’s Crafty

    PromGal is just having a moment. LIke a 5th Avenue PR Day parade moment.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Jeez PromGal lets not exaggerate…

  • Henry

    Hurray, I can enjoy the neighborhood and stroll in peace.

  • Josh G

    What an amazingly *awful* PR statement.

  • Promenade Princess

    PromGal: Xanax not working today? Smashed windows on Montague? I believe you have July 4th confused with the NYC blackout of 1977. Get real, girl!

  • Mary Heller

    Fooey on Macy’s. Coming up another year to boycot the store.