Work Begins on Squibb Pedestrian Bridge to Park

As seen on my morning walk today, work has begun on the pedestrian bridge that will provide access from Squibb Park, off Columbia Heights near the foot of the path that leads to Middagh Street, across Furman Street and down to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier One.

As the photo shows, an opening has been made in the fence where the bridge will begin (with orange netting across the opening for safety) and a construction platform has been positioned just below the opening. Plans call for the bridge to be completed this summer. Click on photo to enlarge.

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  • J

    Did there used to be comments on this thread?

  • David on Middagh


    Yeah, something about an interrupted tryst? Among Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Bjork, and Paul Giamatti? I can’t quite remember who else. It was steamy, tho’. Boy, I feel sorry for those who missed it.

  • Josh G

    I for one am excited about the bridge

  • Matthew Parker

    At the BBP Citizens Advisory Council meeting last night, the park planners detailed how the bridge is being prefabricated in Long Island and will arrive at the side almost complete. It will only take a few days to install it so the bridge will seemingly appear “overnight” (really over a handful of days). We may see some pylons being installed in anticipation of the bridge structure’s arrival at the site. Meantime regrading of the Squibb Park ramp happens now and other prep work in Squibb park will be visible prior to the bridge installation.

  • Andrew Porter

    I came across this work being done, and a car and a large SUV were thoughtfully parked by the workers in the Fruit Street Sitting Area, blocking tourists and others trying to walk on the west side of Columbia Heights….

  • BKNYNative

    I’m excited too, should be a great improvement to walk from the Promenade down to the park.